Concrete guidance for church leaders charged with borrowing money.  Borrowing from banks can be challenging and expensive, especially in times like these when banks are restrictive in their lending policies.  But UCC Congregations have better options… two extraordinary UCC Financial Ministries can help.


The Local Church Ministries Church Building & Loan Fund makes loans to new UCC congregations who wish to build or buy their first house of worship.  Loans of up to $2,000,000 are made at below market interest rates.  CBLF also partners with other lenders to finance larger projects.


In addition, the Church Building & Loan Fund will work with local UCC congregations and their conferences toward the goal of financial self sufficiency that will qualify churches for their first loan through its   Partners in Building program.

For all UCC congregations, CB&LF can answer questions about building and loan related issues and provide helpful resources.  Do you know the “Do’s and Don’ts for Church Cell Tower Leases”?… that’s just an example. 

Contact the Church Building & Loan Fund at:  (216) 736-3834

Borrowing and investing join hands in the  UCC Cornerstone Fund.  It was created to offer loans  to UCC churches and other UCC-related organizations for virtually any property-related project (repair, remodel, acquire land, build).  The Borrowing FAQ offers details including details of the Interest Rate Rebate Program.


Working much like a bank, the Cornerstone Fund offers interest-bearing investments to United Church of Christ churches and members – and that principal is used in turn to fund loans to other churches and organizations throughout the denomination.  By participating in the Cornerstone Fund, investors enjoy a competitive rate of return, while ensuring funds are always available to churches seeking to make capital improvements. This link also offers information about the EcoLoan and Revolving Line of Credit.

Contact the Cornerstone Fund at (888) 822-3863.