Photography is a powerful tool to support the UCC story. However, image use is critical as that they must align with the visual and voice of the United Church of Christ.

Photography may be used in full-color, duotones or as black and white images. All photography used should be of high-resolution quality. Photography may come from various resources including original photography taken by a member of your organization/church; from online stock image providers; or, the National Setting of the United Church of Christ’s Marketing and Communications team can help source needed photography. Regardless, original photography taken must include Photo Release Forms that must be signed by any person(s) included in a photo; any stock photography must be properly secured and paid for by your organization/church; the National Setting of the UCC is NOT RESPONSIBLE for payment of stock images/photography. A license must be secured from the owner of the copyright to the photograph prior to use. Do not download, copy, or embed photographs from any website or search engine without copyright permission.


Please contact for more information.