Young Adult Mission Statement

The UCC Young Adult Ministries mission statement

We strive to be inclusive of the whole body of Christ in local churches, associations, conferences, and national entities.

The mission of Young Adult Ministries:

 Affirm the unique gifts, talents, and ministries of young adults;

 Provide opportunities through programs and resources for young adults to explore ways to integrate their faith in their lives and through their life transitions;

 Develop young adult leadership and ministry trough resources and training programs to empower young adults and strengthen their commitment to the United Church of Christ;

 Support existing models and create new models for ministries with young adults in higher education;

 Work to deepen the multiracial multicultural richness and understanding within the United Church of Christ by supporting involvement of young adults from all racial/ethnic groups and acknowledging that differences are assets to ministry;

 Work to ensure fair and adequate representation by young adults throughout the life of the United Church of Christ, including all boards, councils, and committees of the church;

 Nurture leaders of young adult ministries through training, resources and creating environments of support;

 Fully embrace young adults in our churches and in our communities, addressing their needs and issues through evangelism and a spirit of Christian fellowship, renewing and supporting the growth of the body of Christ.