Jiajin serves through Covid

Serving with YASC this year has been a great and formative experience. I served with Branches, a nonprofit organization offering after-school programming to students from low-income families. I helped lead some enrichment activities and tutored during the homework hours. I have enjoyed the friendships with the kids, and it’s been eye-opening to get to know a little bit about their cultural backgrounds. We also spent Fridays working at Coral Gables Congregational Church (pre-pandemic) with different tasks, which allowed us to appreciate the church’s mission and activities, including its work providing assistance to the homeless. This experience with YASC has made me realize that I would like to drive changes at a larger level, which led me to apply to graduate school. This coming school year, I will be starting my Master’s in economics at the University of Munich (LMU Munich) in Germany. I am very glad that I have made the decision to join this program a year ago.  I will forever cherish this year and all the memories with the people that I have met here. I am grateful to all of you who have made this program possible!