Young Adult Service Communities

What is Young Adult Service Communities?

Young Adult Service Learning Fellowships and Communities are unique pre-professional volunteer opportunities to explore service and social justice. Designed as summer semester or academic year length fellowships, residential programs offer housing, meals, a modest living stipend, and options for health insurance if the volunteer does not have their own insurance. Young adult leaders are transforming communities through a faith-inspired pursuit of justice, collaborative action, and intentional living.

Service and Justice Internships:

Affiliated with Volunteer Ministries, a service learning fellowship promotes professional and spiritual growth. Fellows change the world through intern placements with local nonprofit agencies, which are dedicated to justice advocacy and skill aquisition. 

Congregational Connections:

Your placement will allow you the opportunity to grow spiritually and practice skills as you serve in a leadership position at a United Church congregation. Through this work, you can see the convergence of church and world. 

Intentional Community:

YASC provides you a space to grow personally by living in community with other young leaders, exploring together your direction, calling and future action in the world. 

Latest testimony from Interns

Named to the 2018 national class of Service Programs that Change the World

Certified by the Service Year Alliance

Questions or Inquiries? Contact Brande Midgett-Crosby UCC Volunteer Ministries or 216-736-3212