Youth Support

Menaul School (Albuquerque, NM)

Mission:  Coeducational school for grades 6 through 12 whose mission is to serve Native American, Hispanic, and other students.  Menaul School provides a college-preparatory, faith-based education with emphasis on preparing youth to serve their communities and the world.  (

Volunteer Position:  Volunteers may work in the library, help with maintenance, assist the support staff and tutor students 

Period:  September – December OR January – May

Apply by:  3 months prior to requested start date

Housing:  Apartment

Minimum Age:  21 years

Uspiritus (Louisville, KY)

Mission: Uspiritus was founded in 2012 with the merger of Bellewood Home for Children and Brooklawn Child & Family Services, two organizations that had each been in operation for more than 160 years. In their beginnings, both grew from the desire of a committed few to nurture and provide for children who needed help most. Through growth, change and ultimately partnership, the organizations that now form Uspiritus continue to uphold that philosophy in all they do to provide greater care for vulnerable children and families throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. (

Position: Activities Specialist and Donations Management Assistant

Housing: Provided

Minimum Age: 19 years



Every Child’s Hope St. (Louis. MD_

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