Three Way Partnership





Partners in Service reflects an intentional partnership among the volunteer, the service site an dthe Volunteer Ministries Office (UCC National Setting).  Each party covenants with the others to share of themselves and offer their particular gifts and resources to one another to serve God’s people.  Expectations of the parties involved ina successful placement are listed below.  These expecations are based on a one-year term of service.  Those provisions that do not apply are negotialbe for shorter terms are marked with an asterisk (*).

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 Volunteer Ministries Office

  • Recruits, processes applications, and assigns each candidate to an acceptable service arrangement. Processing consists of gathering references on each candidate, sorting out likely projects according to the candidate’s description of interest, and entering into an agreement with a service site.
  • Arranges contact between service site and candidate so that both are satisfied and can make arrangements for service.
  • Prepares visa requests and provides letters of support for international volunteers.
  • Contracts for background checks for U.S. volunteers (international volunteers must bring with them written evidence of criminal background check and immunization record).
  • If personal and/or service site insurance is not available, arranges for limited illness and accident insurance coverage during the service period under the Volunteer Ministries group policy.
  • Maintains contact with volunteer and the service site.
  • Arranges for an annual gathering of volunteers serving terms of 9 months or longer.  Pays for lodging, food and program for this gathering.
  • Arranges for the termination of volunteer’s service at the end of service period or at an earlier date if circumstances demand such action.


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  • Offers skills, talents, and a willingness to be in service with others.
  • Provides personal wardrobe.
  • Assumes cost of deductibles or medical, optical, or dental treatment not covered by or going beyond the limits of insurance coverage.
  • Pays for any personal trips or vacations during the service project.
  • Pays for their entire round-trip travel costs to and from the service site at the beginning and ending of service.

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 Service Site (Support varies at some agencies)


  • Provides orientation, training, and supportive guidance to volunteer.
  • Provides supervision for the volunteer’s assigned responsibilities, including creation of position description, and designation of working hours, days off and vacation in accordance with the service site’s policies.  *Provide international volunteers with at least a 10 day vacation beyond established holidays (during 12 month service).
  • Provides the volunteer with room and board during the service period.
  • Provides special uniforms or clothes, if these are required.
  • Provides for needed on-the-job transportation, including transportation to and from service site if volunteer is housed elsewhere.  Prvoides mileage or gas reimbursement to volunteers for requested, service-related duties.
  • Pays the premium of illness and accident insurance for the period of service. (Volunteer Ministries has access to a short term limited illness and accident policy.   This insurance is mandatory, unless adequate insurance coverage is provided by the agency or volunteer.)
  • Provides the volunteer with a monthly stipend of at least $100 per month for incidentals while in service.*
  • Remains aware of the volunteer’s need for social activity. (Since volunteers are not in their own communities in most cases, it is requested that available social activities be shared with them.)
Provides the transportation cost, or contributes a minimum of $350 for the volunteer to attend the mid-year Volunteer Retreat. (Retreats are held one weekend during the year for volunteers serving 9 month-1 year placements. Attendance is considered an integral part of the volunteer experience.)*