Homeless Services

Christ House (Washington, DC)

Mission:  Residential medical facility for homeless men and women who are too sick to be on the street or in shelters but not sick enough to stay in the hospital. Round-the-clock medical care, social services, meals, structured activities, clothing, and a place to recover are provided. Housing is sought for patients upon their discharge. (www.christhouse.org)

Volunteer Position:  Staff nurse, nursing assistant, social worker, community builder, generalist and maintenance assistant.

Period:  Mid-August – Early August

Apply by:  March 15; positions often fill early in spring

Housing:  Intentional Community among volunteers in Emmanuel House near Christ House

Minimum Age:  19 years

La Puente Home (Alamosa, CO)

Mission:  Nonprofit organization that provides emergency shelter, food services, advocacy, and transitional services for homeless people and community members in crisis. Services are provided to meet immediate needs and to empower people to live independently with dignity. (www.lapuente.net)

Volunteer Position:  Shelter, thrift store, food bank, family assistance program, maintenance and repairs for La Puente’s several facilities.

Period:  Late August – Early August

Apply by:  March 15

Housing:  Volunteer group housing

Minimum Age:  19 years

Meeting Ground (Elkton, MD)

Mission:  Helps meet basic human needs and addresses the root problems that perpetuate the cycle of poverty and homelessness.  Meeting Ground brings together homeless and non-homeless persons in a context of shared life and work by providing hospitality, shelter, food and education.  (www.meetingground.org)

Volunteer Position:  Program Assistant Positions (Kitchen Operations Coordinator, Retail Coordinator, Hospitality Coordinator, Maintenance and Grounds Assistant, Overnight Monitor, Spiritual Life Coordinator, Child/Youth Support)

Period:  September – August OR January – December

Apply by:  March 15 or September 15

Housing:  Housing available for individuals or couples

Minimum Age:  19 years

Religious Coalition for Emergency Needs, MD

Information: https://www.thereligiouscoalition.org