Food Sustainability

Bethlehem Farm (Pence Springs, WV)

Mission:  Bethlehem Farm is a Catholic Community in Appalachia that strives to transform lives through serving the local community and teaching sustainability.  Volunteers join in living out the Gospel cornerstones of prayer, community, simplicity and service.  ( 

Volunteer Position:  Caretakers or Summer Servants live in community, run the farm and home repair program with group staff and volunteer caretakers.

Period: Caretaker – 12 month placements, begin throughout year.  Summer Servant – 2-6 weeks, April – October *Only room and board provided.

Apply by:  3 months prior to requested start date.

Housing:  Volunteer group housing

Minimum Age:  19 years

Heifer International Learning Center, Heifer Ranch (Perryville, AR)

*Site specific application required in additional to UCC Partners in Service application*

Offers hands-on educational experiences that promote sustainable solutions to global hunger, poverty and environmental degradation.  (

Volunteer Position #1:  Host, receptionist, greeters

Period:  3-12 month placements year-round

Apply by:  3 month prior to requested start date

Housing:  Group housing

Minimum Age:  21 years

Volunteer Position #2:  General education, livestock, horticulture, or maintenance

Period:  3-12 month placements throughout year or 7-12 month placements, beginning at staggering times throughout the year.

Housing:  Group housing

Minimum Age:  18 years