Ohio – United Church of Christ

Good Works, Inc. (Athens)

Contact: Nick Smith, Work Retreat Coordinator
   P.O. Box 4
   Athens, OH 45701-0004
Phone: 740.594.3339
Web site:

Project/Focus: Work Retreats September through May are involved in service projects on Good Works’ properties and in the community. Summer Service runs June through August each year, providing groups with intensive discipleship, educational service initiatives and relational opportunities with people struggling with poverty.

Educational/Advocacy Components:  Each group will get an orientation after they arrive, and we lead a morning devotional/education time that focuses on issues of poverty and the Good Works Philosophy of Ministry.  The Executive Director will also do a presentation talk with each group. The scheduling of these depends on how long a group is with us.  For One-Day and Overnight Work Retreats, we will do an educational devotional and brief orientation, as time allows.

Time:  Work retreats September – May:   One day Work Retreats are scheduled 8:15-4:00.  Weekend, Week-Long; Summer Service June – August:  Arrive Sunday 7:00, leave Saturday 10:00.

Groups Size:  Groups from 5 to 30 depending on the service project and season.

Minimum Age: Junior High (12) and older

Adult to Youth Ratio: 1:4

Accommodations: Groups stay in two large rooms in Hannah House (transitional housing facility). 

Groups supply their own bedding and food.  Kitchen and pantry facilities are available.

Cost: Work Retreat Requested Donations:

One-Day – $100 deposit
Weekend – $150 deposit; $30 per person per night
Week-Long – $200 deposit; $30 per person per night
Summer Service – $3,500 for a group of 15 ($500 deposit; $200 deposit).


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  Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community (Hiram, Ohio)

Contact: Shawn Litttell, Director of Programming
   P.O. Box 157
   Hiram, OH 44234
E-mail:  shawnlittell@hiramfarm.org
Website: http://www.hiramfarm.org
Phone:  330.569.3441

Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community:  Offers volunteer groups housing in dorms next door to Hiram College.  Church one block away where meals can be prepared.  Work on the farm is coordinated with staff to get experience of working with adults on autism spectrum and other adults with developmental disabilities in an organic farm setting.

Project/Focus: Volunteers will receive an orientation and then work alongside the farmers (adults on the autism spectrum/adults with developmental disabilities). Volunteer work could include gardening, painting, animal care, and other farm chores.

Educational/Advocacy Components: There is an opportunity for education on organic farming principles, and for education concerning adults on the autism spectrum. Each day ends with a meeting with staff to answer any questions about the experiences of the day.

Time:   Groups can come for any number of days. Most groups come for four to five days. It is not recommended to come on weekends since the program is closed. Some groups do arrive on Sunday and begin volunteering on Monday. The best months to volunteer are June through August.

Group Size: Groups range in size from three to fifty. We have accommodated groups of up to 150 for a day or two..

Minimum Age:  There is no minimal age requirement, It would be important that any group coming would need to be prepared to do farm work.

Adult to Youth Ratio: 1:8

Accommodations: Hiram College provides groups the opportunity for use of their dorms. There is no AC available at the college. Programming space is available next to the church kitchen most evenings. Food is not included, but a large kitchen space and dining room is available for breakfasts and dinners. Groceries can be brought in or purchased locally to store in the fridge.

Cost:  Hiram Farm does not require a fee. Hiram College charges $17/night per person for the dorm rooms. It is recommended that groups bring their own sleeping bags and pillows to avoid additional fees for bedding. The church does not charge a fee but would accept a donation.

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 Washington United Church of Christ (Cincinnati) 

Contact: Laurel Humes
             2950 Sidney Avenue
             Cincinnati, OH 45225
Phone:  513-541-7757
E-Mail:  Laurelh@zoomtown.com

Phone:  513.541.7757 Box 6
Cell Phone: 513-470-5661
Fax:  513.541.7579
Web site: 

Washington UCC, vision seeks to create a community that is a safe and clean, where people have enough food, decent housing opportunities for education and work, and live in an environment that nurtures all families. Washington United Church of Christ’s mission is to help make that vision reality by doing what Jesus taught – to minister together with our neighbors in ways that improve lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

Project/Focus: Mission trips are experiences of worship and service. Experiences include simple construction, maintenance, sharing food and love with homeless and community people and working with neighborhood children and elders.

Educational/Advocacy Components:  Evening worship services are geared toward recognizing service, teaching about the neighborhood and reflecting on shared experiences.

Time: Any age group year-round.  Intensive opportunities during 8 weeks of summer, working with elementary aged children in day program and educational and worship opportunities in evening.  Opportunities for fun built in as well.

Group Size: 10 to 35.  Negotiable.

Minimum Age: No minimum age, but junior and senior high school and adult age preferred.  Inter-generational groups also. 

Adult to Youth Ratio: Senior High youth – 1:5; Junior High youth – 1:3 – Negotiable

Accommodations: Housing in church guesthouse and apartments with bunks. Full kitchen, dining, and shower facilities provided.  Meals included in cost or food may be brought with group or meals eaten out (and deducted from cost).  Summer evening meals are cooked by work group.  Tuesday Evening meal prepared by group and served to the community. 

Cost: $35 per person for weekend groups;  $200 per person for weeklong groups. As groups express interest, they are mailed information. Reservations are secured by submitting a deposit ($50 per person for weeklong camp;  no deposit for weekend groups).  Sign up early for summer to assure availability. 

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 North Street Mission (Trinity United Church of Christ) (Wooster)        

Contact:     Suzanne Feltner
                  150 East North St
                  Wooster, Ohio 44691
Phone:  330-264-9250
E-Mail:  northstreetmission@gmail.com
Fax:  330-264-0380
Website:  www.northstreetmission.org

Trinity is located in Wooster Ohio which is the seat of Wayne County. It is approximately 50 miles South, South West of Cleveland and 35 miles South West of Akron.  Trinity hosts a free hot, healthy breakfast, five days a week for the community.  We serve an average of 65 people per day.  The program requires 100 volunteer hours each week.  18,000 meals were served in 2015.   

Projects/Focus:  Volunteer groups will begin each day by working with Trinity volunteers preparing and serving our Breakfast Program.  Following breakfast they will have the opportunity to work with one of several community organizations including MOCA House (a local mental health drop in center), People to People Ministries (a local food pantry), Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, Community Gardens, STEPS (Substance Abuse Treatment, Education and Prevention Services), Every Women’s House (Domestic Violence Shelter, Advocacy and Education Center), Friendship Meals, and the Wilderness Center.

Educational/Advocacy Components: Educational components can be arranged on a variety of issues based on the interests of the work group.  Because the church hosts a number of 12 step programs, serve a morning breakfast program, and connect people to social services in the community such as the mental health drop in center, ecumenical connections, and service agencies in town and the College of Wooster, a variety of related presentations and direct conversations can be provided on: Addiction, Poverty, Homelessness, Community Organizing, Mental Health Networks, Environmental Issues and the Amish and Mennonite communities. These would be led by church members or staff, ecumenical partners or participants in these programs.

Time:  Monday through Saturday opportunities available all year.  Application deadline is 4 weeks prior to the event.

Group Size:  40 people maximum      North Street Mission

Minimum Age:  13 years

Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:5

Accommodations: Mission volunteers are housed on the third floor of the church’s education building with a total of 40 beds (4 rooms of 5 bunks each). There are two restrooms.  A gathering room has a sink, microwave and refrigerator.  Volunteers will need to bring their own bedding and toiletries.

Suggested Donation:  The suggested donation is $200 per person per week.  Includes lodging, Monday-Friday breakfast and packed lunch and 2 evening meals


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