UCC Global H.O.P.E. Grants 2021

Domestic Grants 2021


LGBT Asylum Task Force, Hadwen Park Congregational Church, Worcester, MA – $10,000 – Asylum seekers are unable to work in the U.S. for the first two years after they arrive. This grant will help the task force provide LGBT asylum seekers with basic needs, including housing, a small monthly stipend, monthly workshops and connections to pro bono legal, medical and mental health resources (@ $1,200 a month per person) until they receive legal authorization to work.

Manna Ministries, Picayune, MS – $7,000 – Hurricane Ida came ashore on August 29, impacting communities in Louisiana and Mississippi. In Mississippi, 240 homes in Pearl River County were damaged. Needs include tree and debris removal, tarps and repairs. Three homes were completely destroyed. This grant will help repair homes of vulnerable members of the community to include those uninsured, with low income, elderly or disabled.

Christian Appalachian Project, Lexington, KY – $7,000 – The Winter Storms of 2021 slammed Eastern Kentucky with freezing temperatures followed by flooding, causing widespread damage to homes and buildings. A retired firefighter’s home was seriously impacted. This grant will go towards materials needed to completely repair a home and begin on another. which was flooded to the roof in August 2021.

Appalachia Service Project (ASP), Johnson City, TN – $7,000 – Severe flooding ravaged a number of homes in Eastern Kentucky earlier this year. ASP aims to build six new flood-resistant homes. UCC Global H.O.P.E.’s grant will help replace the first home, that of a local firefighter. His daughter, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and granddaughter live with him. ASP hopes to build this home quickly so that the daughter can have peace of mind in a new home while undergoing treatment.


Tennessee Wing Civil Air Patrol, Waverly, Tenn. – $3,000 – Reimbursement for equipment purchased to provide radio communications among seven affected locations to facilitate disaster relief activities. The Waverly area was struck by torrential rains and a tornado on August 21, causing loss of life and extensive damage. Funds also went for purchase of fuel and oil for the vehicles and generators employed.

Church World Service – $7,000 – to help support Afghan Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs) and other Afghan refugees being resettled to the United States in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Support is needed for immediate health and life-sustaining needs, temporary housing, food, and ground transportation. Additional In-kind housing needed. See also: the UCC’s Welcoming and Advocating for Afghan SIVs and Refugees: A Toolkit (Word download)

Longmont (Colo.) UCC – $3,000 – for a Gun Buyback Event scheduled for September 25, the latest in a series of events in partnership with RAWTools, in response to the mass shooting March 22 in Boulder, 18 miles away. In addition to getting guns off the streets, the event will give gun safes to help gun owners properly store their weapons away from the wrong hands.

JUNE 2021

Immokalee Fair Housing Alliance – $95,000 – To support the building of a self-sustaining complex of 2-3 bedroom apartments for 128 families (farmworkers and other low-income residents) in Immokalee, Fla., to replace substandard, unsafe, overpriced, and overcrowded housing resulting from destruction of housing stock by Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

Melfield UCC, Haw River, N.C. – $7,000 – toward purchase of a walk-in freezer for the church’s food pantry, which serves 500 families each month. It has had to increase its food purchases to satisfy increased need due to continued economic stress caused by COVID. The church expects to break ground soon on a new Food Pantry Warehouse to accommodate freezers, refrigerators, and food.

Southwest Conference UCC, Phoenix, AZ – $15,000 – Matching funds to help Cruzando Fronteras/Casa Misericordia, Yuma UCC, and the Welcome Center support migrants’ housing, food, clothing, and other basic needs in 2021.

Montana-Northern Wyoming Conference UCC, Billings, MT – $3,000 – Solidarity Grant to help evacuees from the “Robertson Draw” fire with immediate relief and to help build connections that can lead to sustainable assistance from the wider community for employment and to “rehome.” Red Lodge UCC has been serving as an evacuation center, working with the city disaster team, supporting fire fighters, and provided financial support to evacuees. Longer-term needs include support for the primarily low-income families who lost their homes.

Community UCC, Boulder, CO – $3,000 – To support the congregation’s June 13 “Guns to Garden Tools” gun donation event, in response to the mass shooting a few weeks earlier at the King Soopers grocery store just down the block. Read more.

MAY 2021

Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition, Fayetteville, NC – $35,000 – Funds will be used to complete repairs, reconstruction and mold remediation assistance to the homes of three Latinx immigrant families that were damaged by the catastrophic slow-moving Hurricanes Florence (2016) and Matthew (2018) and to provide temporary housing for the families in the meantime. The Coalition continues to work with other Matthew and Florence disaster survivors in need of these same types of assistance.

Galveston County Long-Term Recovery Group, Galveston, Texas – $5,000 – The county has been affected by multiple disasters, from Hurricane Harvey in 2017 to record-breaking cold and power outages in 2021. Already storm-damaged homes were further damaged as they experienced frozen and broken pipes. 50 homes will be prioritized for immediate assistance, based on vulnerabilities of households and the need for the most critical repairs based on safety, sanitation, and functionality.

UCC South Central Conference, New Braunfels, Texas – $3,000 – The 2021 winter storms froze and burst pipes and tainted water at the 14 buildings of the Conference and its Slumber Falls Camp, soaking insulation, walls and flooring. Insurance will cover most of the broken pipes and resulting building damage, but there are a lot of summer camp items that are not covered, including the swimming pool filtration system, art supplies, camp gear, game resources, curriculum, camp tee-shirts, craft items and some electronics. The grant will help greatly in getting the camp up and running for the summer sessions that begin at the end of June, benefitting scores of young people in need of an outdoor break after the confinement of COVID-19.

Victoria County Long-Term Recovery Group, Victoria, Texas – $7,000 – to repair plumbing damaged by freezing temperatures during the 2021 winter storm. Funds will help provide short-term immediate plumbing supplies and plumbing repair assistance to homeowners, renters, churches, and non-profit organizations and will help replace water heaters.

Victoria County Long-Term Recovery Group, Victoria, Texas – $7,000 – to repair 14 homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Needs include temporary housing/storage, exterior and interior work, utilities, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, debris removal, household goods/appliances, and foundation repairs.

APRIL 2021

Grace United Church of Christ, Houston, Texas – $3,000 – The winter storms caused flooding caused by water leaks to the education wing and fellowship hall. This grant will assist with costs not covered by insurance to include deductible and reconstruction.

Friends Congregational Church, College Station, Texas – $1,000 – During the Texas freeze and ice storm, the church had ongoing power losses. This caused pipes to freeze and burst causing damage throughout the sanctuary, three classrooms, and the kitchen. Funds will be used to pay the insurance deductible.

MARCH 2021

St. Paul AME Church – Elmwood, Philadelphia, PA (Eastwick Unmet Needs Roundtable) – $7,000 – support for 250 homes damaged by flooding from Tropical Storm Isaias including heating units, hot water heaters, and other essential components, muck out and clean-up, rebuild of walls, painting, etc., and minor repairs.

Church of the Savior, Cedar Park, Texas – $3,000 – to assist with the repair of the sanctuary, kitchen and classrooms resulting from pipes the burst due to extremely cold temperatures caused by winter storms.

Plymouth UCC, Spring, Texas – $3,000 – During the winter storm Uri, pipes froze and burst outside and in the attic and flooded several areas of the church. This grant will help cover the insurance deductible and to help the church find a safe place to worship until the church is repaired.

St. Peter’s UCC, Houston, Texas – $4,000 – $3,000 to assist with the repair of 17 homes in the Houston area, whose pipes burst resulting in water damage. Response will include muck and gut and other repairs as a result of the winter storm freeze and $1,000 to assist a community food pantry due to increased need following the winter storms.


North Florida Inland Long-Term Recovery Group – $20,000 – financial assistance for Hurricane Michael (2018) for building materials.

International Grants 2021


CORUS/IMA World Health, Haiti – $5,000 – On August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti with tremors that were felt across the island. More than 2,000 people died, and 12,200 were injured. The infrastructure has been rendered unusable. The grant will support community collaboration to identify the most vulnerable, and to provide WASH, soap, tarps, purification tablets and hygiene items.

ACT Alliance, Haiti – $15,000 – On Aug. 14 a 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti followed by a tropical storm on Aug. 16. Parts of the island nation were devastated by the earthquake, floods and mudslides. Funds will go to people in desperate need of assistance with shelter, clean water, health and nutrition, cash assistance, and psycho-social assistance to reduce trauma.

House of Hope, Haiti – $5,000 – The August 7.2 magnitude earthquake and tropical storm caused loss of life, livelihood and property. This grant will provide food, water, and medicine for three months for House of Hope’s clients, including children laboring as domestic servants (restaveks) and young mothers, single girls and elderly women who have been abandoned. This ministry provides a safe place for participants to learn conflict resolution and professional trades. (Global Ministries)


Church World Service – $9,000 – for emergency housing, rebuilding of cisterns, trauma recovery, livelihoods, risk reduction and CWS operations in southwestern Haiti, where a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck on August 14. Then Tropical Storm Grace hit the same parts, with heavy rains and mudslides further complicating areas already devastated by the earthquake. Support the UCC’s Haiti Appeal.

Nepal National Social Welfare Association, Equality Development Centre, Sahakarmi Samaj, Nepal Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Rastriya Mukta Haliya Samaj Federation Nepal – $3,000 – to help support people through Nepal’s second wave of COVID. The most acute needs are medical supplies and equipment, food and/or cash support for vulnerable families, handwashing stations, raising awareness of the risk of infection and benefits of vaccination, and the need to support households with income losses due to unemployment. (ACT Alliance)

Liberian Refugee Repatriation Resettlement Commission and Christian Health Association Liberia – $3,000 – for aid to Ivorian refugees in Liberia for public health, shelter, community engagement food security, preparedness, prevention and WASH in response to the COVID pandemic. (ACT Alliance)

Middle East Council of Churches and the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees – $7,000 – Going into its third year of severe economic recession, Lebanon grapples to survive on the edge of collapse. These funds will help provide shelter, protection, food security, WASH, health/nutrition, education, early recovery, livelihoods and cash. (ACT Alliance)

Sudanese Fellowship Mission, Christian Action Relief and Development, Universal Intervention and Development Organization, Episcopal Church South Sudan-South Sudan Relief and Development Agency, Africa Development Agency – $7,000 – for life-saving and long-term solutions targeting 90,131 internally displaced persons, host community members, returnees and refugees threatened with hunger and urgently needing help due to increased violence, flooding and desert locusts. Assistance will include food security, training in farming and fishing, and disaster risk reduction. Emphasis is on children, women, elderly and people with disabilities. (ACT Alliance)

JUNE 2021

YWCA, Gaza – $4,000 – for Summer Camp for Gaza children, including nutritious meals, psychological support, hygiene kits. The cost is $150 per child. The goal is to bring some normality and support to the children of Gaza in the wake of Israel’s May 10-21, 2021, attack on Gaza – the worst such attack since 2014. The already poor humanitarian situation was worsened. Children were among those killed or maimed. Homes and infrastructure were destroyed, basic services were severely disrupted and people were displaced. (Global Ministries)

Al Ahli Hospital, Palestine – $7,500 – Fuel for generators, emergency medicines, and other supplies as violence erupts throughout the Holy Land. (Global Ministries)

The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) – $10,500 – To assist ACT Palestine Forum and member DSPR in providing emergency shelter, WASH, health and nutrition, protection, psychosocial support, recovery, and cash for 10,000 people affected by the recent conflict in Gaza, with special attention to women, children, elderly people, and persons living with disabilities. (ACT Alliance)

MAY 2021

Church of Christ in Congo – $3,000 – Hundreds of thousands fled lava and ash when Mount Nyiragongo volcano erupted May 22 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Funds will help provide temporary shelter, blankets, clothes, food, hygiene kits, medical supplies and water. (Global Ministries)

APRIL 2021

Ethiopia Forum – $10,000 – Political unrest has resulted in general insecurity, internal and external displacements, and a disruption of livelihoods in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. At least 855,000 persons are in need of humanitarian assistance including non-displaced persons, internally displaced persons, returnees and more than 96,000 Eritrean refugees. Funds will be used for shelter and other non-food items, food security, WASH, protection, and livelihoods. (ACT Alliance)

Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue – $5,000 – The situation among displaced Syrians is dire. Food and Personal Protection Equipment prices have sky-rocketed. Families will be assisted with food baskets and hygiene kits. (Global Ministries)

Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue – $5,000 – The situation in Lebanon is dire. The economy has failed and is hampered by COVID-19. There are security concerns and many people are food insecure. Refugees and others living in Tripoli, Baalbeck, and in Beirut suburbs will be assisted with food baskets and educational literature to reduce the spread of COVID-19. (Global Ministries)

MARCH 2021

Mennonite Social Action Committee in Honduras, CIETS Nicaragua and Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD) – $5,000 – in response to Hurricanes Eta and Iota (Nov. 2020) with shelter, non-food items, food security, WASH, protection and psychosocial wellness. 750,000 families were affected in a region already vulnerable due to other crises such as migration and COVID-19. (ACT Alliance)

Middle East Council of Churches, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, and the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees – $5,000 – for food security, mental health, and access to protection support including gender-based violence, COVID-19 services, employment resilience, education and sheltering for Syrian refugees, host communities, and vulnerable groups in Jordan. (ACT Alliance)

Middle East Council of Churches – $5,000 – basic needs and resilience building in Syria of people affected by the protracted crisis and COVID-19. (ACT Alliance)


Churches Auxiliary for Social Action – $10,000 – to support 600 vulnerable families in India affected by the burst of a glacier lake, judged to be a result of climate change. Dry rations, WASH kits, shelter material, and solar lamps. (Global Ministries)


The United Church of Christ in Mozambique – $2,500 – to assist 200 families impacted by Tropical Storm Chalene (Dec. 2020) with food staples and seeds. (Global Ministries)

Christian Council of Mozambique – $2,500 – for temporary shelter, clothes, medical supplies, food and water to families impacted by Tropical Storm Chalene (Dec. 2020). (Global Ministries)

Zimbabwe Council of Churches – $2,500 – to assist 300 vulnerable members of the community with emergency food, non-food, agriculture inputs and psycho-social and community rebuilding in the wake of Tropical Storm Chalene (Dec. 2020). (Global Ministries)

Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola – $5,000 – for psycho-social support to elderly and disabled in the COVID-19 pandemic, including food, masks and soap. (Global Ministries)

Ons Plek in South Africa – $5,000 – for support to street and non-street students locked down during COVID-19 and for educating families and students on preventative measures. (Global Ministries)

Council of Churches in Sierra Leone – $5,000 – for support disabled and elderly with food and medical vouchers, and the larger community with COVID-19 risk reduction activities. (Global Ministries)