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OGHS 2016 Offering Video Resources-

The following video on Syrian refugees and the birth of Christ, just released by the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, Germany, was co-produced by the Rev. Peter Reimann, the church’s electronic communications manager and, two years ago, the UCC Coalition’s summer intern here at Church House.

Dr. Bernard Sabella – December 14th Global Ministries Middle East Initiative Webinar

Dr. Bernard Sabella is the Executive Director of the Middle East Council of Churches’ Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees.  He was elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006.  He is a professor of Sociology at Bethlehem University, and has done extensive research and writing on Palestinian Christians.  He will speak about the current situation in Palestine/Israel, highlighting the presence of Palestinian Christians.

Rev. Dr. Riad Jarjour – September 14th Global Ministries Middle East Initiative Webinar

The Rev. Dr. Riad Jarjour is the President of the Forum for Development, Culture, and Dialogue, and the General Secretary of the Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue.  He has been active in response to the Syria crisis, including humanitarian response and aspects of conflict resolution.  He is a former General Secretary of the Middle East Council of Churches.  He lives in Beirut, Lebanon.

Dr. Mary Mikhael – August 10th Global Ministries Middle East Initiative Webinar

Dr. Mikhael is a staffperson for the National Evangelical (Presbyterian) Synod of Syria and Lebanon, the immediate past president of the Near East School of Theology, and a former member of the Common Global Ministries Board of Directors. She will be presenting on the current situation Syria and the role of Christians in responding to the conflict.

Refugee Updates

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Oct. 2015 presentations to the UCC Board of Directors about Refugees:

Dying to Live

“Dying to Live” is a profound look at the human face of the migrant. It explores who these people are, why they leave their homes and what they face in their journey. Drawing on their insights of Pulitzer Prize winning photographers, theologians, church and congressional leaders, activists, musicians and the immigrants themselves, this film explores the places of conflict, pain and hope along the US-Mexico border. It is a reflection on the human struggle for a more dignified life and the search to find God in the midst of it all.

Lost Boys of Sudan

Lost Boys of Sudan is a feature-length documentary that follows two Sudanese refugees on an extraordinary journey from Africa to America. Although Refugee Ministries took no part in creating this resource, we want our readers to be aware of this wonderful resource.