Relocation and Moving Expenses

When a national search has been conducted, reasonable and approved relocation and moving expenses shall be paid on behalf of exempt employees newly called by election or administrative appointment who are relocating for the employment with the National Offices.

Covered expenses are:

a.  Packing, shipping, unpacking and insuring of up to 15,000 lbs. of household goods and personal effects.
b.  Transportation of the employee and their family at the time of the final move

Moving Company
New employees are to obtain quotes from the designated UCC provider:

Suddath® Relocation Systems
Contact: Rhonda Chaney
Cell: 520.975.3056

Corrigan Moving System
Contact: Vicki Bierlein
Vice President of Business Development
Cell: 248.615.7937

Holly Corbin
Move Coordinator
Cell: 989.671.6620

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
Contact: Vicki Bierlein

Relocation Companies
For assistance with locating a home, one search visit of up to 5 days will be provided.  Transportation for one round trip by air is provided.  Costs of lodging and meals for employee and spouse or domestic partner will be provided for up to five days named. Cost of rental car in Cleveland, if needed, is provided.

K & D – The United Church of Christ is a member of the K & D’s Preferred Employer Program Specials.

  • 2.5% off current market rent
  • $99 Security Deposit
  • Job Transfer Clause
  • Home Purchase Clause
  • Job Loss Clause
  • Where Applicable:  Free Pool Pass and Reduced Garage Rate

Reduced Renewal Rate
For more information visit their website

Howard Hanna Real Estate Services
Erika R. Greco
Destination Services Coordinator
Relocation & Business Development
Howard Hanna Real Estate Services
412-784-3836 Direct
800-656-7356; Option 5