Additional Information

Safe Conduct
All adult CYYAM members (age 18 and over) and other participants will be subject to appropriate background and reference checks in accordance with the UCC’s Safe Conduct policies and procedures. CYYAM members under the age of 18 must respond to self-disclosure questions as well as have parental/guardian permission to participate. When and where appropriate, parents and/or an appropriate chaperone may be asked to accompany minors traveling for CYYAM meetings and wider church gatherings.

Staff Liaison
The Faith Education, Innovation and Formation staff liaison to CYYAM will serve as an administrative support for the group. The staff member is not a member of the council and is not expected to make executive decisions. Rather, this person shall serve as a guide to point the way to faithful Christian policies, appropriate UCC guidelines, work with council members to arrange travel when necessary and be a resource in their planning and work. It is the responsibility of council members to keep the staff liaison informed of decisions, projects, meetings, etc.


CYYAM definition from UCC Bylaws …

286 Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries The Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries (CYYAM) shall serve to advocate, support programs, and be a resource for youth and young adult ministries throughout the United Church of Christ and shall report to the United Church of Christ Board and to the General Synod on issues, developments, and concerns in youth and young adult ministries in church and society. It shall monitor to ensure that the unique gifts and talents of youth and young adults are present in all aspects of the life of the Church. It shall inform, envision, and shape national youth and young adult ministry priorities across the Church. The Council and its membership will act as a resource regarding youth and young adult ministry opportunities across the Church (including but not limited to internships, mission trips, Regional Youth Events, National Youth Event, and General Synod). The Council shall organize itself as needed in order to carry out its work and shall have direct access to the United Church of Christ Board and the General Synod in areas of program and budget. The Council’s composition shall reflect the United Church of Christ’s commitment to having a diversity of perspectives in church governance.

Age of youth and young adults as defined by UCC Bylaws — Youth and young adults are under the age of 30, (1) youth, persons of high school age; and (2) young adults, persons graduated from high school or over 19 years of age.

Diversity of the United Church of Christ Board:

218 The thirty-six at-large members, nominated by the General Synod Nominating Committee, and elected by the General Synod as members of the United Church of Christ Board, shall reflect the following composition:
• Fifty percent (50%) or more shall be persons of color.
• Fifty percent (50%) or more shall be women.
• One third (1/3) shall be authorized ministers or persons with ordained ministerial partner standing.
• One third (1/3) shall be laymen.
• One third (1/3) shall be laywomen.
• Twenty percent (20%) shall be under thirty (30) years of age at the time of election.
To the extent possible, the under 30 years of age members shall include both youth of high school age and young adults. All such members shall be voting members except as legally proscribed.
• At least one (1) member shall be a person who self-identifies as having a disability.
• At least one (1) member shall be a person who self-identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

Sample Projects3
Sample Network and Capacity Building Projects

(as envisioned by the CYYAM Dreaming Team October 2016)
  • Initiative to build community among youth and young adults through social media. For example, CYYAM could offer devotions and retreats to gather youth and young adults into a conversation in the season of Lent using a FB group or other appropriate social media.
  • CYYAM members may seek to pilot a program through selected UCC-related College/University to identify and develop UCC student leadership.
  • Working with Justice and Witness Ministries of the UCC, create a youth social justice online platform that offers simple ways to youth and young adults to engage or initiate social justice issues in their communities such as the environment, racial justice, etc. The web page would offer resources for initiating justice events and activities if there were none in local communities already.
  • Creating an online “gathering” space and message board in which UCC youth and young adults could find each other in order to build UCC youth and young adult community in their areas.
[3] Envisioned by the CYYAM Dreaming Team convened by the Faith Formation Team in October 2016