Sacred Conversation on Race Continuum

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“No matter who we are or where we are on our journey …” all are welcome to the table to participate in Sacred Conversation on Race and to engage in meaningful, life-changing dialogue on race.  The invitation to engage in this dialogue is an acknowledgement of the legacy and tradition of the United Church of Christ in combating racism and racial injustice, and the desire to live out Jesus’ desire for the world, “That they may all be one.” John 17:21

The differing levels where individuals enter this dialogue and engagement of race can be expressed on a continuum.  The continuum speaks to where we are on the journey, and offers the possibility of more learning on every level to re-encounter the self and others as we seek to change the world around us.

dialogue-flower.jpgSEEKER –– New to race and racial justice dialogue. Ready to be involved in first, basic level conversation on race. Curious and seeking to know more about the issues. Ready for Sacred Conversation on Race.

LEARNER ––Participated in first Sacred Conversation on Race. Is concerned with learning more and wants to be engaged in deeper, more meaningful conversation to learn how s/he can make a difference in impacting the social construct of race and racism. Ready for Sacred Conversation on Race and how race intersects and permeates all areas of life.

FACILITATOR –– Served as facilitator for Sacred Conversation on Race. Received training as facilitator and is able to engage with others in dialogue, as well as lead dialogue on race. Has heightened sense of self-awareness around issue of race. Ready for “White Privilege,”  “Internalized Oppression” and other focused dialogue.

ENGAGER –– Moved beyond basic dialogue. Desires to be in dialogue around changing systems and structures to have long-range impact on race dialogue and issues. Ready for Anti-Racism Training.

MOTIVATOR –– Received training on different aspects of race and racism. Desires to know more about living out the tools received in training. Ready for Diversity Training.

EDUCATOR –– Received many different levels of training. Realizes that there is the need to learn more from those who are on different levels of the journey. Actively seeks to participate with others on their journey as participant or facilitator. Ready for lifelong learning which re-engages conversation and training.