Blessed Tomorrow: A Partner in Love of Creation

As part of the Three Great Loves initiative supporting love of creation, the United Church of Christ (UCC) is partnering with Blessed Tomorrow, a program by people of faith, for people of faith, to offer ideas, tools, and messages that help us serve as faithful stewards of creation. This partnership will support UCC congregations across the country to take action and inspire others to lead on climate solutions in their homes, congregations, and communities through resources and tools, such as those listed below.

Learn about why and how the church is leading on climate action in this video produced in partnership with Blessed Tomorrow. Featuring Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, Rev. Karen Richardson Dunn, and Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, the video illustrates why communities of faith are uniquely positioned to advocate for climate solutions, and how UCC congregations across the country can join in the movement.


Lets-talk-faith-and-climate-400.png MovingForwardCube.png ecoAmerica_America_Climate_Values_2014_NLC__400px.png
Let’s Talk Faith and Climate Guide Moving Forward: A Guide to Climate Action Three Great Loves and Climate Action: A Guide to Getting Started

Learn more about Blessed Tomorrow on their webpage.