Our Whole Lives 4-6

By Elizabeth M. Casparian, Ph. D.,
and Eva S. Goldfarb, Ph.D
(8 sessions)

Our Whole Lives 4-6, designed for use by parents, teachers and pastors with either a grades 4-5 groups or a grades 5-6 groups (or just one of these grades), helps participants learn about and discuss the physical and emotional changes of puberty. The program offers accurate, unbiased information on human sexuality to preteens who need it to make responsible decisions and stay healthy. The first session includes both parents and children. Following sessions may involve parents in class and include a Home Link message from The Parent Guide to Our Whole Lives that connects classroom and home and engages parents and children in conversation about sexuality. Participants also read Robie Harris’s best-selling book, It’s Perfectly Normal.

Eva Goldfarb, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in health programs at Montclair State University where she teaches and conducts research in human sexuality, curriculum development, and evaluation of health education programs. Co-author of Filling the Gaps, a book on hard-to-teach topics in human sexuality, she has over twelve years of experience teaching courses, leading workshops, consulting on media projects, conducting seminars and developing curricula in the areas of human sexuality and sexual health. Goldfarb holds a doctorate in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Casparian, Ph.D., has been a consultant in health and sexuality education for over eleven years, writing and developing teaching materials and videos, and leading training sessions and seminars with adolescents, parents, teachers and other professionals. Co-author of Filling the Gaps, a book on hard-to-teach topics in human sexuality, she has written and consulted on sexual health issues with universities, public service organizations and schools. Casparian holds a doctorate in Education Leadership in Human Sexuality from the University of Pennsylvania.