Our Whole Lives/Sexuality and Our Faith Facilitator Training: A Wise Investment!

Implementing the nation’s most highly regarded sexuality education curriculum is a big responsibility. Training prepares facilitators to succeed in their role and enables your faith development team members to understand their own and others’ sexuality within the context of United Church of Christ values.
Training Benefits for Congregations

  • Improves Our Whole Lives program quality and outreach potential
  • Grounds facilitators in Our Whole Lives values and social justice emphasis
  • Decreases incidents of inappropriate boundaries and poor implementation
  • Prepares facilitators to address parent/caregiver questions
  • Readies facilitators to lead two grade levels of Our Whole Lives in one training
  • Enables facilitators to represent your program to media and your community

Training Benefits for Facilitators

  • Curriculum overview and implementation guidance
  • Facilitation practice
  • Recommendations for addressing special education and behavioral challenges
  • Clarification of facilitator/parent/participant roles
  • Education in placing sexuality in a religious and spiritual context
  • Access to Sexuality and Our Faith visuals (for secondary levels)
  • Self-assessment of comfort and readiness to facilitate
  • Trainer assessment and feedback
  • Access to Our Whole Lives email list for peer support

Questions? Contact Amy Johnson, UCC Our Whole Lives Coordinator at JohnsonA@ucc.org.