Sacred Conversations to End Racism Fall Institute 2021

Sacred Conversations to End Racism – A Restorative Racial Justice Journey
Fall Institute 2021


The United Church of Christ has a long history of working towards addressing systemic and institutional racism. In 2003 General Synod 24 adopted a resolution calling for the UCC to be an anti-racist church stating that “racism is rooted in a belief of the superiority of whiteness and bestows benefits, unearned rights, rewards, opportunities, advantages, access, and privilege on Europeans and European descendants.”

In 2018 Sacred Conversations to End Racism (SC2ER), a Restorative Racial Justice Journey study guide was created to address and dismantle racism within the Christian Church and society. The study guide and accompanying resources debunks and corrects myths that claim Europeans and Anglo Saxons are a dominant culture.

Dominant cultures do not exist and race categories were created to justify practices of genocide and enslavement. SC2ER provides research and resources that substantiates the myth of race.

The Christian Church, U.S. Supreme Court and government officials instituted policies and developed laws that continue to support the myths. As a result, people of color continue to be oppressed, marginalized, stereotyped, and murdered by state sanctioned violence and racists individuals.

Participants on the SC2ER journey:

  1. Explore relevant and practical ways to have conversations that are inclusive of diverse cultures and ethnic identities
  2. Engage with biblical texts regarding equitable treatment of all God’s people
  3. Gain an understanding of the historical and contemporary myths associated with race
  4. Participate in active listening and response techniques
  5. Learn inclusive non-colonial terms for people groups
  6. Develop strategies to move from conversations to advocacy and activism

Sacred Conversations to End Racism includes learning tools and resources such as books, videos, documentaries, articles, art, and music. These resources represent cultures and people groups whose lived experiences and perspectives are correctives to the historical and contemporary harm, injury, and trauma enacted upon non-European people groups. The ongoing impact of racism and xenophobia in contemporary society requires participants to commit to a life long journey of dismantling racism and a commitment to do no harm. People groups of color are impacted by individual and systemic oppression and marginalization. Everyone is invited to be on the journey as a witness and transformative presence with God’s beloved inclusive global community.

Anti-racism work involves an inward interrogation of our biases, prejudices, internalized white supremacy and internalized racism, microaggresive insults and assaults, and overt racist behaviors. SC2ER assists participants take a deeper look into—our history, socialization, and cultural-ethnic ways of being—and how we continue to practice behaviors consciously and unconsciously.

Restorative racial justice work is internal and external. Our whole being is challenged daily to revert, rebel, and move back into our comfort zones. Spiritual practices are learned and repeated in order to have a deeper sense of God’s presence in our lives. The same goes for dismantling racism within oneself and with people we journey with daily.

“Race is Not Real – Racism is Real” Register and become part of a listening and learning community.

Commit to gathering for 7-week sessions and learn best practices towards dismantling racism.

Restorative Racial Justice Fall Institute 2021 Dates:
Thursday, 6 pm – 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time
September 9 – 16 – 23 – 30
October 7 – 14 – 21

Sacred Conversations to End Racism Fall Institute 2021

7-Week Modules – September – October 2021 Participants are required to participate via Zoom video conference technology. Seminar materials will include pre-assigned handouts, links to videos and documentaries, and process questions. On meeting days, groups will be assigned to break out rooms for one hour to discuss the pre-assigned work. During the last thirty-minutes groups will come back together and discuss some reflections based on internal processing. Large group participation will also offer opportunities for listening to how diverse cultures experience colonialism, internalized whiteness, and racism based on their lived experiences.

Session 1 – September 9 HOW DID WE GET HERE?
Transformative Work – Dismantling the Colonial Narrative

  • Pre-Colonial History


  • The Architects of Race Myths
  • Structural, Institutional and Individual Racism

Session 3 – September 23 THE MYTH OF WHITE SUPREMACY

  • Internalized White Supremacy
  • White Fragility and Racial Microaggressions

Session 4 – September 30 DECENTERING WHITENESS

  • How You See Me


  • The Bible and Theology from the Margins
  • Liberation Theologies


  • Strategies for Organizing
  • Political Advocacy


  • Restorative Healing
  • Spiritual Care
  • Restorative Racial Justice Strategies for the Journey

Rev. Dr. Velda Love #BLM
Minister for Racial Justice
Justice and Local Church Ministries-UCC
(216) 736-3719 office
(216) 217-9645 cell

Visit the SC2ER website for more information SC2ER . Register for the 12-month Facilitator training.
Bi-monthly training begins January 2021 Facilitator Application. Become a Racial Justice Church and Dismantle Racism. For more information please contact Rev. Dr. Velda Love (216) 736-3719