Solidarity Is Love

FlintSolidarity.jpgOne of the key functions of the UCC Environmental Justice program is to facilitate responses of solidarity to environmental injustices. Our most recent solidarity efforts pertain to Flint and Standing Rock. For the latest on Standing Rock, see our resource page devoted to the movement, so that you can learn about divesting from pipeline banks and our 2017 Movement Makers Award recipients at General Synod. For the latest on Flint, read Connie Larkman’s article on how Woodside Church in Flint gave away $50,000 to help residents in danger of water shutoffs and home foreclosures due to tax liens for unpaid water bills.

Is there a local environmental injustice that your church is addressing? If so, contact our Environmental Justice Minister to explore ways that our national offices can offer support whether that involves creating an online petition to be signed by people of faith in your area or finding ways to shine light on an environmental wrong that has not received the exposure it deserves.