Digital Revolution

Digital RevolutionDigital Revolution Name Contest!

Out of a workshop at the 2016 National Youth Event, interest was expressed in starting an ongoing group of youth from across the country who would use social media to raise awareness and encourage action on climate change. The first job of our digital revolution is to come up with a name for our group! We are having a name contest. Submissions are due by next Friday (August 19th). The winner gets a $50 gift card for iTunes (or another digital source of music, books, and movies). Send submissions to Brooks Berndt via twitter, facebook, instagram, or email. Only submissions from UCC or DOC Youth (ages 13-18) are allowed for this contest. After we receive the submissions, then group members will get a chance to vote on the winner.

Curious as to what this group will be about? Here’s the brief snapshot…

Purpose: For youth to create and distribute social media that raises awareness and encourages action on climate change.

How: Youth participants will determine monthly themes around which social media will be shared and created. To coordinate and strengthen our efforts, we will hold monthly video calls.

Who: (1) Any youth who like the purpose of the group can participate. Regardless of your current skills or knowledge, we want you! We will search for everyone to have a role. For some, it might mean putting artistic skills to use. For others, it might mean helping us do research on climate change or how to reach a wider audience. For still others, it might be coming up with catchy phrases and captions for our social media. Simply sharing items on social media will be a big help! There will be lots of ways to contribute. (2) While youth are the ones driving this project forward, we also want adults who will help us share social media posts online. The more helpers the better.

Got ideas for how we can improve our efforts? Got questions of any kind? Contact Brooks via twitter, facebook, instagram, or email. Also, if Brooks does not have you on the digital revolution contact list already, please let him know if you wish to be added.