Five Ways to Ignite Ministry with Theology and Worship

At their best, churches can serve as launching pads to change the world and realize God’s beloved community in the broader world. For this to happen, the people of God first need to become ignited by the worship and theology that forms their faith and ministry. Because this conversation pertains significantly to what happens in worship on Sunday morning, it is important that a church pastor is involved in this area of discernment as part of the Creation Justice Church designation process.

Here are five ways to light a spark in your congregation when it comes to creation justice ministry:

  1. Get everyone thinking scripturally and theologically with an all-church book read! The book Cathedral on Fire: A Church Handbook for the Climate Crisis was written with Creation Justice Churches in mind as it covers essential biblical and theological concepts.
  2. Add more creation justice sizzle to your liturgical calendar! If you already celebrate Earth Sunday, consider adding an entire creation-centered liturgical season known as the “Season of Creation.”
  3. Infuse creation justice into all your worship services! Learn from Weybridge Congregational Church in Vermont, which has a Creation Care Moment each Sunday, and check out a collection of “Kairos Moments” designed for worship use.
  4. Learn from the best! Check out five videos from leading voices of creation justice theology. View and discuss them in green team meetings or adult education sessions.
  5. Dig deeper! For those looking for in-depth learning, the Rev. Dr. Robert Shore-Goss has created a bibliography of books on environmental issues and spirituality. Moreover, one can learn about how the UCC has taken historic environmental stands through General Synod resolutions.