Mission Moment

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Someone giving a Mission Moment could say some version of the following.

Today we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. I want to share what Jesus did the next day. He went to the temple and turned over the tables of people who were buying and selling and changing money.  He drove them out of the temple saying, “my house shall be a house of prayer; but you have made it a den of robbers” (Luke 19:46). Notice he said “den of robbers.” Not only was robbery happening in the temple but the temple was also the place where the robbers hung out. Who were these robbers hanging out in the temple? the temple authorities.

According to scholars, Jesus called them robbers because they were collaborating with the “robbers” at the top of the Roman imperial system who were assessing unfair taxes, imposing forced labor, and in various ways exploiting people. In fact, because so much of the activity of the temple hinged upon buying and selling and economic transactions, experts say “that in a real sense the Temple was fundamentally an economic institution,” an abusive economic institution. Jesus’ actions in the Temple that day were in opposition to the religious and economic practices that were happening.  

If we are to follow Jesus’ example today, we must speak out and act against economic abuses.

….the speaker could mention, here, some work or ministry happening locally, or encourage people in next steps…

We must follow Jesus’ lead, raise our voices and act to make our economy more fair and just.