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What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.  ~ Micah 6:8

Since its inception in 1957, the United Church of Christ has been committed to economic justice. Many individuals and congregations have worked, with the grace of God, to make our nation and the world a place where all people may live in fullness of life. Still today, too many people (and our environment) are hurting. Poverty stunts lives. Rising economic inequality thwarts opportunity and creates insecurity. In the global North, unwise social choices and over consumption break down community, destroy the planet and threaten future generations. The cries of God’s people and God’s creation reach our ears. Can we fail to act?

In 2014, the UCC Economic Justice Movement was born with the goal of continuing and strengthening our work for economic justice. Individuals, congregations, and all settings of the UCC are invited to join this Movement.

The focus of the EJ Movement is action, action that is based on sound information, guided by the Holy Spirit, and offered with, and in support of, those on the margins and at risk. There are many ways to participate and various levels of involvement.

• We invite individuals and congregations to join the Movement. You will receive an email every month or two about action possibilities, supported with background information and placed within a spiritual context. We will work across the UCC and with faith and community partners in support of a moral economy. The focus could be local, regional, statewide, or national issues and concerns. We hope that members of the movement will participate in a minimum of two actions per year and congregations will publicize and encourage participation in a minimum of two actions a year.

• If you feel called to help lead this effort, please join the leadership team, the Economic Justice League. We plan to establish leaders-organizers in each UCC conference to help lead and coordinate efforts. More information.

• We also invite congregations and other settings of the UCC to consider whether they are being called to be an Economic Justice Church (or Economic Justice Association, Conference or Seminary). The Economic Justice Covenant Program (English and Spanish) provides abundant resources to support a congregation on a journey of discernment. More information
Our Vision: We envision a just, sustainable and resilient economy dedicated to the common good and the creation of a beloved community where the work of every person is valued and everyone shares equitably in the abundance of God’s creation.
Our Mission: Our mission is to strengthen the movement for economic justice by proclaiming our vision, partnering with allies, and furthering the work of our churches and communities.
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A brief history
The UCC Economic Justice Movement grew out of a conference held in Cleveland in October, 2014. It is led by the Economic Justice League, a group of people who were invited to participate in the October gathering by conference ministers, historically underrepresented groups in the UCC, and Justice and Witness Ministries in the UCC’s national setting. Now we invite you to join this movement for economic justice and to participate in the Economic Justice League to provide leadership.