Economic Justice Congregations and their Covenants

United Church of Chapel Hill, UCC, Chapel Hill, NC, May 20, 2007     Covenant  

Community United Church of Christ, Raleigh, NC, June 2012     Covenant and Introduction to it

Church of the Savior, UCC, Knoxville, TN, April 14, 2013      Covenant   How the congregation has begun to live it out

Coral Gables Congregational UCC, Coral Gables, FL, 2013      Covenant

Faith United Church of Christ, Iowa City, IA, June 1, 2014      Covenant

Shadow Rock UCC, Phoenix, AZ, June 1, 2014    Covenant      PowerPoint [318 KB] presentation given to the congregation reviewing the discernment process and reasons to approve the Economic Justice Church Covenant

St. John’s United Church of Christ, Troy, Ohio, January 24, 2016   Covenant

Lake Edge United Church of Christ, Madison, Wisc, May 22, 2016   Covenant

Kirkwood United Church of Christ, Atlanta, GA, Nov 19, 2017.   Covenant