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Weekly Seeds is a weekly email summary of our popular resource for lectionary-based Bible study. It includes next Sunday's Bible reading, a brief meditation, and reflections from ancient or contemporary sources. Each email links to the full version, which you'll also find linked further down this page.  Click the "Signup" button below to subscribe when the form is complete.


In the Boat Together

Is God rocking the boat?

Abiding in Love

Reassurance and challenge for the followers of Jesus

Enfolded by Love

Knowing the shepherd's voice, feeling the shepherd's love

Marks of Faith

Keeping our minds limber and our hearts open

Close to God's Heart

Sunday, January 4
Second Sunday after Christmas

Focus Theme
Close to God's Heart

Weekly Prayer
Gracious God, You have redeemed us through Jesus Christ, the first-born of all creation, whose birth we celebrate as the child of Bethlehem. Bless us with every spiritual blessing, that we may live as your adopted children and witness to your glory with unending praise and thanksgiving. Amen.

God's Story, Our Stories

Can we help others experience God?

God's Sustaining Presence

Hard questions and life lessons in the wilderness

Place of Blessing/Searched, Known, Named

Found by God in the most unexpected places

Holy Welcome/Welcoming Ways

Giving our whole lives to God

God Hears, God Cares

God hears what we say and sees what we do, and it matters