Webinar series to explore need for justice leaders within congregations

A Nurture the Soul series featuring the founders of the Justice Leadership program begins on March 14.

The two-part series explores why there is a need for justice leaders in congregations, and how in reality, all are leaders. The webinar series will delve into themes of the pervasiveness of the worldview of domination and how that has impacted life as we know it; the necessary shift from a congregational self-care primary mission to cultural transformation mission for the good of the world and the Church; and understanding Christianity as centered in justice and the biblical narrative.  

Registration is open for part one of the series, and part two will take place on March 21.   

‘Strategies to equip the local church’

The Rev. Ellie Hutchison, minister for congregational and community engagement, emphasized the importance of this topic of conversation.

“This two-part series with Justice Leadership Program is a snippet of a longer series where we at the National Setting are focusing on small and rural churches. The past two weeks leading into May, we are working to highlight unique successes, stories, and strategies to equip the local church to continue to thrive into the 21st century,” they said. “At the National Setting, we don’t believe we are the sole experts on knowing what this entails, and so we are grateful to the JLP to offer insights based on their vast experiences to support and equip congregations and their communities.” 

JLP speakers include the Rev. Richard Gamble, founder and executive director, and Program Director Eliza Penick.

Gamble, also the senior pastor at Keystone United Church of Christ in Seattle, Washington, has been involved in faith-based peace and justice work for over forty years as an activist, community organizer, and as the executive director of a community organizing agency. He also has worked as an advocate and as the director of an advocacy program and co-chair of the board of an advocacy agency.  

Penick has worked in non-profit education, fundraising, program development, and community engagement for fifteen years, with a particular passion for food sustainability and sovereignty. Her sources of joy are family, urban homesteads, mountain biking, and the exploration of art, play, and new places. 

Registration is available for these events here. The webinars take place at 3:30 p.m. ET on both March 14 and 21.  

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