Vote for Climate Hope art contest award winners announced

The second annual Vote for Climate Hope Cards art contest award ceremony was held online on May 4. Hosted by the United Church of Christ’s Sue Meuller, lead Climate Hope Campaign organizer, the ceremony recognized the wonderful work of 75 finalists that came from a pool of children aged 18 and under. You can view the entries here.

The artists’ work was judged on three criteria: how well they stayed with the Climate Hope theme; artistic ability; and whether it worked on a post card.

In the age six and under category, the winner was Alante, age 6, from Hope UCC.

Ages 7-9 category winner is Rebekah, age 9 from Pearl City Community Church.

In the category of ages 10-13, congratulations go to Ember, age 12, from Bering UCC.

For the category 14 – 18 the winner is Pari, age 16, from Southwood UCC.

The overall winner was Charlotte, age 12, from Glenside UCC. Her work was chosen because it embraced all people, and all communities. “The hands are holding our world in care and love,” expressed Mueller.

Mueller said, “In the heart of the UCC’s Vote for Climate Hope Campaign lies a grassroots movement fueled by faith and collective action. Through a national movement spanning over 100 churches across 30 states and engaging 444 kids as young as 3 years old, we’re weaving together the threads of hope and action through our Vote for Climate Hope Art Contest. From the vibrant strokes of our Vote for Climate Hope Cards art contest to the solemn commitments of Climate Hope Voter Pledge Cards, every component mobilizes volunteers using grassroots methods.”

Rev. Brooks Berndt, UCC minister for environmental justice, said the contest is quickly becoming one of his favorite events. “The artwork of our children never fails to speak to me in a way that moves and inspires me.”

Why faith-based?

Mueller asked, why faith-based? She explained, “Because the scale and urgency of the crisis demand solutions that match. Our youth and congregations, stirred by reflection and a shared commitment to Creation Care, are our greatest assets. Through them, we dare to envision a cleaner, brighter future for our planet.”

Submissions came from all over. “With Pennsylvania leading in zip codes represented throughout the state, and Washington D.C. bustling with submissions, our campaign is a testament to the power of collective hope and action,” said Mueller. “Together, we paint a picture of resilience, with 150 submissions embodying Earth and 66 representing animals. But perhaps most importantly, 96 submissions carry a message of hope for a clean planet, echoing the voices of our youngest artists and igniting change from the ground up.”

Additionally, the most recent Climate Action Assembly webinar was held on Wednesday, May 1, and is available to watch on YouTube:

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