Welcome To Mission Trip Opportunities


Welcome to UCC Mission Trip Opportunities (USA) 2019

Partner sites listed in this UCC Mission Trip Opportunities share with us why they host groups in their local communities.  The responses confirm theology that highlights a love of God that prompts accompaniment, compassion and systemic change.

“We could not accomplish even half of what we do without the help of volunteers:  individuals and groups, including week-long mission group visitors.” (Project Hospitality, New York)

Engaging more deeply
“Their experience of our city, neighborhood, and ministries help us see with fresh eyes and notice things we don’t always notice every day.” (Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries, New York)

Forming Faith to see God and each other in new ways:
“We also understand that mission experiences help open up students to a bigger understanding of God, grace, calling and humanity” (Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries, NYC)

DOOR is an opportunity to encounter the city through the eyes, ears, and heart of God. (DOOR, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami)

Practicing solidarity:
“It is an excellent opportunity to personalize the issue of family and childhood homelessness.  Through interacting, dining with, temporarily living with, working with and working for homeless families with minor children, visiting workgroups see the face of homelessness” (Deep Roots, Inc. , Maryland)

Creating long-term commitment to walk with God toward a Just World for All:
“The Farm works to bring deeper justice awareness to the ecological and human makeup of the Farm’s landscape.  In doing so, the Farm hopes to have participants reflect on how ecological and human justice and/or injustice, intersects with their lives.” (Just Living Farm, Yakima, WA)

And speaking the hopes of each partner site:
“We hope to work with lots more of your extremely dedicated UCC volunteers in the year ahead!”  (Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP)) 

May it be so.  Amen.

Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, UCC Humanitarian & Development Ministries
United Church of Christ national setting