U.S. interfaith leaders speak as one, urging all to recognize Joe Biden as president-elect

With one voice, leaders of a number of religious traditions are calling on people of all faiths across the country to unite behind a common cause. They are urging Americans to recognize Joe Biden as the next elected president of the United States. 

The National Council of Churches, at the urging of the United Church of Christ, invited U.S. faith leaders to speak out. In a video statement released Wednesday, Nov. 18, representatives of the NCC, Christian Churches Together, Religions for Peace USA and the Conference of National Black Churches have come together for the sake of a divided America. 

“It is not easy for religious voices that span the theological and political spectrum to unite in common cause and with one voice,” said the Rev. John Dorhauer, NCC chair and UCC general minister and president. “The urgency of this moment has prompted all involved to set aside differences and stand together in support of our democracy.”

Here is the text of the statement:

As people of faith we cherish a democracy that guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and a vote for every citizen. 

Throughout a contentious and divisive political battle, communities and congregations and families have struggled to maintain respect and love for each other. 

It is time we do the hard work of repairing the damage in relationships we value and cherish, and upon which all democracies rely. As President Lincoln wrote, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

We invite all people of faith to recognize the outcome of this election. Joe Biden has been announced as the President-elect. Attempts to delay the peaceful transition of leadership risk endangering our democracy in critical ways. We are all proud of our place in this democracy.  We owe it to our country to unify – if not in celebration of the announced winner, at least in the belief that the common good is served by honoring the outcome of the election. 

The video statement, a montage of interfaith voices, has the support of conservative, progressive and evangelical Christian bodies along with interfaith leaders. “It is historic in the breadth of support it has received,” Dorhauer said. 

The religious leaders believe that every day that passes in which the peaceful transfer of power has not begun risks American democracy. They are urging President Trump and all who supported him to acknowledge the outcome of the election and move on with a peaceful transition. 



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