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The Rev. Myron Ross, 82, the fi rst African-American ordained in the Evangelical and Reformed Church, who also served for many years in Japan, starting in 1954, as the E&R's fi rst African-American missionary, died of lung cancer on May 11 in St. George, Utah. Ross, an activist in the Civil Rights Movement entered Eden Theological Seminary as a Presbyterian, but later told an audience at the UCC-related seminary in St. Louis that he joined the Evangelical and Reformed Church (which would soon become the UCC) because he was inspired by the intellectual vigor of his seminary professors.

The Rev. Chester Terpstra, 89, former Hawaii Conference Minister from 1968 to 1978, died April 12 in Sequim, Wash., after a long illness. During his ministry, Terpstra also served several pastorates in Hawaii and was a missionary, along with his wife, Margery, in Pohnpei.

Conference Changes
The Rev. Robert Molsberry, UCC pastor in Grinnell, Iowa, is the candidate for Ohio Conference Minister and will be considered by the Conference on July 27-28. The Rev. Sheldon Culver, Missouri/Mid-South Associate Conference Minister, is the candidate for Illinois South Minister and will be considered when the Conference meets Sept. 7-8.

Pastoral Changes
Anderson, Paul N. to First Cong. UCC, East Troy, WI
Ashley, Timothy S. Spring Grove, PA to St. Paul"s UCC, Sheboygan, WI
Bracebridge, Shawn E. Clifton Park, NY to Cong. UCC, West Stockbridge, MA
Breedlove, Christopher J. San Antonio, TX to Trinity UCC, Jasper, IN
Brownell, Jennifer G. to Community UCC, Hillsdale, OR
Burd, James K. to Association Minister, Wauwatosa, WI
Clippinger, Arthur P. Massillon, OH to Trinity UCC and St. Peter"s UCC, Clinton, OH
Comeau, Megan E. Worcester, MA to Central UCC, Orange, MA
Cornell, Edward F. to Second Cong. UCC, New London, CT
Dunlap-Wolfe, Barbara J. Potosi, WI to Immanuel UCC, Woodman, WI
Favreau-Sorvillo, Jeanne M. Redlands, CA to Cong. UCC, Diamond Bar, CA
Fournier, Richard T. Northampton, MA to First. Cong. UCC, Buckland, MA
Frazier, Kenneth A. to First Cong. UCC, Waterbury, CT
Frueh, Donald G. to First Cong. UCC, Salem, OR
Gregory, Kevin P. Appleton, WI to St. John"s UCC, Manchester, MO
Harris, George M. to Second Cong. UCC, New Britain, CT
Haslanger, Phillip C. Madison, WI to Memorial UCC, Fitchburg, WI
Holman, Gail F. to Phoenix Community UCC, Kalamazoo, MI
Hudson, John F. Concord, MA to Pilgrim UCC, Sherborn, MA
Jacobsen, Steven D. to Cong. UCC, Mentone, CA
Kwon, Yul Madison, WI to UCC, Hancock, WI
LaMarche, Nichol M. to Federated, Cotuit, MA
Manz, Kevin to Plymouth, Lawrence, KS
McHugh, Nancy S. Cedar Grove, NY to UCC, Waitsfi eld, VT
Morkin, Charles W. Sturgeon Bay, WI to United, Holyoke, MA
Nelson, John A. Dover, MA to Community UCC, Niantic, CT
Nichols, J. Christopher Goshen, CT to First Cong. UCC, Madison, CT
Pastors, Jennifer to Colonial UCC, Prairie Village, KS
Patton, Alison B. Chicago, IL to First Church of Christ UCC, Simsbury, CT
Robinson, Olivia H. to Cong. UCC, Kensington, CT
Rogers-Brigham, Ann M. East Orleans, MA to Immanuel UCC, Plymouth, WI
Scott, Judith I. Kingston, RI to Evangelical UCC, Marysville, KS
Shiels, Joan M. to Hope UCC, Sturgeon Bay, WI
Stone, Kenton V. Lawrence, KS to First Cong. UCC, Topeka, KS
Szyszko, Dolores B. to Church of the Good Shepherd UCC, South Woodstock, CT
Vaccariello, Carol Medina, OH to Cong. UCC, North Canton, OH
Wagner, Johanna Easthampton, MA to Church of Christ UCC, Granby, MA
Watson, Jimmy R. Terre Haute, IN to St. Andrew UCC, Louisville, KY
Wenzel, Lorrie M. to Calvary Memorial UCC, Wauwatosa, WI
Woitasek, Walter Springfi eld, MA to Church of Christ UCC, Granby, MA
Wyatt, Andrea C. Holliston, MA to Pilgrim UCC, Lexington, MA
Yonkman, Nicole G., Kettering, OH to UCC, Fishers, IN
Yonkman, Todd G., Kettering, OH to UCC, Fishers, IN

Information on pastoral changes is provided by UCC"s parish life and leadership ministry.

Clergy Deaths
Adams, Ann. B., 52, 5/3/2007
Bourne, Donald S., 94, 5/24/2007
Bowers, Daniel A., 88, 4/21/2007
Gerber, John A., 91, 4/10/2007
Gregory, Lillian S., 92, 3/28/2007
Klein, Ernest C., 82, 5/28/2007
Pirazzini, Francis X., 84, 5/6/2007
Ross, Myron W., 82, 5/11/2007
Tom, Vernon G.S., 65, 3/26/2007
Vodola, Esther, 95, 5/18/2007

Information on clergy deaths is provided by UCC"s Pension Boards

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