United Church of Christ

Advent Offering Invitations

November 28: First Sunday of Advent

We are the work of God's hands, the psalmist says, and God continues to shape us each day into a people of goodness and peace. That is why we bring gifts this morning: to be part of creating a more beautiful world through the ministry of this church and the witness of our lives each day. Let us gather our gifts together and present them as an offering to God.

December 5: Second Sunday of Advent

In this busy season, our most important preparations will happen here in our hearts when we make a way for God to come into our lives, when we "prepare the way of the Lord." In the midst of our preparations, we bring gifts to share so that God's love will shine brightly through the ministry of this church and in our own lives as well. Let us gather…

December 12: Third Sunday of Advent

Even in difficult times we remember that God has done great things for us. We choose to live our lives in hope, counting on the goodness of God in every age.  As a sign of our trust in God, we share our gifts this morning, strengthening the ministry of this church and the United Church of Christ as we seek together to extend hope and summon peace.  Let us gather…

December 19: Fourth Sunday of Advent

God is with us in amazing and powerful ways, bringing shining new hope into the world. Like Mary and Elizabeth so long ago, the ministry of our church is radiant with that great hope. And like Mary and Elizabeth, our congregation and the whole United Church of Christ also trusts in the promises of God. In our giving this morning, our joy overflows in generosity. Let us gather…