IRA Distribution

Learn how to make a charitable gift from an IRA that meets a required minimum distribution and supports the work of the United Church of Christ, whether a local congregation, conference, or the national setting.

IRA Charitable Rollovers (or Qualified Charitable Distributions)

If you are 70½ or older and have a traditional IRA, you may give up to $100,000 to a charitable organization. The gift can satisfy all or in part the annual Required Minimum Distribution (or RMD) without affecting your taxable income. This means the distribution will not affect your Medicare rates or tax rates. Furthermore, you will not need to account for a carry-forward of the deduction on your taxes as would normally happen with large gifts. It is wise to consult your own IRA custodian or financial planner to assist you.

We encourage you to consider an IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution (or QCD) to your local church or any United Church of Christ ministry of your choosing. You may make a direct charitable gift to fund your church’s operating budget, fund a special project or establish a permanent endowment fund to benefit your church in perpetuity.

To make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (or QCD), please contact your IRA administrator to request the appropriate form, which can often be filled out online. You will need the Employer Identification Number (or EIN) and address of your local congregation or other agency to whom you wish to donate. 

Your generosity will make a difference in the life of your local congregation and any other agencies you support through an IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution.