State Nonprofit Corporate Codes

Many churches, though not all, are governed by the nonprofit corporation statute of the state in which the church was incorporated.  Below are links to the nonprofit corporation statutes for all fifty states.

  • Some states do not have separate nonprofit corporation statutes and the links will go to the general corporation statute. 
  • Your church may be incorporated under a statute specific to religious corporations, or may not be incorporated at all, so different laws may apply.
  • Please consult an attorney if you have questions about what laws apply to your church.

Alabama View (select Title 10, Chapter 3A)

Alaska View (Chapter 20)

Arizona View (Chapter 24)

Arkansas View (Title 4, Subtitle 3, Chapter 28)

California View (Division 2)

Colorado View (Title 7, Article 20)

Connecticut View

Delaware View (no separate nonprofit corporation statute)

Florida View

Georgia View (Title 14, Chapter 3)

Hawaii View (link to table of contents)

Idaho View

Illinois View

Indiana View (Article 17)

Iowa View

Kansas – 1 View

Kansas – 2 View

Kentucky View

Louisiana View (Title 12, Chapter 2)

Maine View

Maryland View (Corporations & Associations, Title 2; also see Title 5 Subtitle 2 Nonstock Corporations)

Massachusetts View

Michigan View

Minnesota View

Mississippi View (Title 79, Chapter 11)

Missouri View

Montana View

Nebraska View

Nevada View

Nevada View

New Hampshire View

New Jersey View (Title 15A)

New Mexico View (Title 53, Article 8)

New York View

North Carolina View

Ohio View

Oklahoma View (18-1001 et seq.; see also 18-541 et seq. and 18-851 et seq.)

Oregon View

Pennsylvania View (Title 15, sec. 5101 et seq.)

Rhode Island View

South Carolina View

South Dakota View

Tennessee View (Title 46, Chapter 51 et seq.)

Texas View (Title 2, Chapter 22)

Utah View

Vermont View

Virginia View

Washington View

Washington, D.C. View

West Virginia View

Wisconsin View

Wyoming View (Title 17, Chapter 19)

Information Disclaimer:

OGC writes and compiles information with United Church of Christ settings specifically in mind.  Information on these pages should not be relied upon as legal advice, and your access to this information does not establish an attorney-client relationship.   Local Churches and United Church of Christ pastors in need of legal advice may contact their Conference for assistance with a referral to an attorney.