SpongeBob pays surprise visit to General Synod

Sponge Bob and the UCC share something in common. They have both been accused by right wing critics of endorsing a gay lifestyle.

The church recently produced a TV spot, part of its God Is Still Speaking identity campaign, that was rejected by CBS and NBC as too controversial. The spot showed two muscular bouncers turning away various people from a local church including an African American, Asian American, a person with disabilities and two men holding hands, among others.

On MTV where Sponge Bob makes his home, critics attacked the square-panted sponge for holding hands with a starfish.

The Rev. John H. Thomas, UCC general minister and president, in a TV news interview, said SpongeBob was welcome at any UCC church, noting that “Jesus never turned anybody away; neither do we.” Behind him in his Cleveland office sat a SpongeBob doll.
On the General Synod stage SpongeBob bounced up to two burly bouncers, grabbed them by their arms and said, “Let’s go find a UCC church.”
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