Sacred Conversation Planning Resources

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Planning Your Sacred Conversation on Race
Regardless of the scope and length of your Sacred Conversation on Race, we recommend you engage in a thorough planning process before launching your Sacred Conversation. This document outlines a step-by-step process that can be undertaken by your planning committee.

Pastoral Letter on Racism
Issued in May 2008 by the UCC Collegium, The Pastoral Letter on Racism articulates the challenges and opportunities of a Sacred Conversation at this time in our nation’s history and the life of our church.

Pastoral Letter Talking Points
As a way of beginning discussion of the Pastoral Letter on Racism and the issues it raises, we invite you to use the Talking Points contained in this resource.

Frequently Asked Questions
In the months following the announcement of Sacred Conversation on April 3, 2008, some of you have written or called to express questions and concerns about this conversation. The FAQs offer responses to the issues you have raised.

Four Realms of Racism and Change
Racism is manifest in four different social realms: personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural. For change to be genuine and lasting, it must encompass all four realms. This resource describes the four realms and offers illustrations of each.

Congregational Self-Assessment Form
The process of congregational self-assessment can provide greater clarity about what is at stake for your congregation in talking about issues of race and racism and how the Sacred Conversation on Race can be a fruitful and engaging process for everyone.

Interview Questions for Prospective Facilitators
Whether you choose to contract with outside facilitators or invite members of the congregation to lead your conversations, we recommend that you interview the prospective facilitators. To assist you in this interviewing process, we have developed a set of questions for your use.

Individual Reflection Questions 
This resource is designed to help individuals prepare for the Sacred Conversation on Race by reflecting on their personal experiences, values, and longings with regard to issues of race, racism, and Christian faith.

Evaluation Form
This evaluation form can be used to solicit written feedback from participants about what worked well and what could be improved or added in future conversations.

Multiracial, Multicultural Glossary
A glossary of concepts and terms frequently used in discussions related to issues of race, racism, and racial justice.

Organizations Offering Racial Justice Training and Education
In your search for trained facilitators, you might consider contacting organizations with a history of providing quality anti-racism education, training, and resources. Included are a website link, location of the main office, and brief description of each organization’s work and mission.