Interview Questions for Prospective Facilitators

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United Church of Christ Sacred Conversation on Race

Introduction to the questions
We recommend that you use the questions below as you interview prospective facilitators of your Sacred Conversations. You may wish to add questions that are pertinent to your local setting. Before you interview prospective facilitators, we encourage you to review the qualities of a skilled facilitator that we outline in Step # 9 of Planning Your Sacred Conversation and Questions 6 and 7 of the Frequently Asked Questions. In your search for facilitators who can best lead your Sacred Conversation, we encourage you to select people who are knowledgeable about the subject matter, committed to doing their own personal work on issues of privilege and oppression, have experience leading conversations related to racism, and understand that the work of racial justice is deeply spiritual work.

Questions for prospective facilitators

1.  What is your current work/organizational affiliation?

2.  Are you familiar with the United Church of Christ (UCC) and its Sacred Conversation on Race?

3. What experience or skills do you bring to the Sacred Conversation on Race?

4. What anti-racism and/or cultural competency trainings have you attended? Please list approximate dates attended, as well as topics, length of training, sponsoring organization and presenters.

5. Do you have on-going experience as a group facilitator? Describe this work briefly, noting topics, populations trained, etc.

6. Do you have colleagues with whom you have led anti-racism and/or cultural competency workshops or trainings?  If so, are your colleagues also interested in being resource people for the UCC Sacred Conversation on Race?

7. How do you identify racially? How do you describe yourself in other ways (gender, age, disability, etc.)? 

8. What types of groups, programs, or formats of anti-racism education and/or training are you most comfortable and confident leading? What strengths do you bring?

9.  In which areas of anti-racism education and/or training do you feel most challenged or least confident?

10.  Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself?

11.  Please list the name and phone number for two people who have experienced your leadership as a facilitator.