Rise for Climate: A 40-Day Practice


Counting down to the day until people from around the globe take to the streets and Rise for Climate! We have 40 days to get ready to rise with the sun, set with the sun, and each day imagine that we did a little of the lift to allow the earth to rise itself.  Buried under a pile of rubble and even thicker blankets of despair and apathy, the earth wants humans to take our proper place at its great table. We aren’t the only ones sitting there. We are joined by turtles and buffalo, butterflies and spiders at the table. We are also joined at the genomic table to all the species and ancestors already past.

A spiritual practice for 40 days until we rise is highly recommended. Pray once a day for the world to wake up on or before or after this great rising. Tweet once a day to a person you know and ask him or her to join you at the march. Or facebook or phone or text someone. There has to be a good reason God created social media! In this sixty second double offering you will habituate yourself to hope. And you will show up with even more sense and sensibility at the march. You will know you did more than your best. You disciplined your best to a discipleship for the earth.

This could be your Lent and your Advent early.  And you will have so much fun being a forty day type person, you’ll probably want another discipline for the follow up phase of the great Rising Up.

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