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Refugee Justice Sunday

UCC Refugee Justice Sunday #UCCRefugeeJustice

Worship Together, Offer Welcome, Build the Beloved Community

People move. Movement has been the story of God’s people since the beginning of time. And throughout scripture, God gives special attention to care for the immigrant, the asylum-seeker, the refugee and the sojourner (See below in Worship Materials and Resources for a compilation of scriptural references).

But what makes someone a refugee? Refugees are people just like us who, due to violence or persecution, are forced to flee their homes and cross an international border to find safety. People who are forced to flee their homes but remain inside the borders of their own country are called Internally Displaced Persons. In the United States, those who flee their homes and nations due to violence and persecution and ask for protection at the U.S. border are called “asylum-seekers”, while “refugees” come to the United States through the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program.

In addition to being guided by scripture, our nation has a long history of being the “land of the living” where those fleeing violence and persecution can again “see the goodness of the Lord”, including some of the early members of Christian sects that became the United Church of Christ, who fled Europe and arrived in New England as religious refugees. The United Church of Christ through Refugee Ministries seeks to accompany our our refugee neighbors, both in the United States and around the world, as they seek safety and security. Will you join us?

Hold a Refugee Justice Sunday at your church using some of the materials below


Order a free Refugee Justice Sunday poster (18"x24") to promote your worship service!

Or download an 8.5"x11" image and print on printer paper!



Getting involved in your local community and more

WELCOME LOCALLY Refugees_in_America.jpg

Build relationships with local refugees resettling in the USA. Locate a resettlement office near you. The UCC is part of thirty-four CWS refugee and immigration offices spread across 21 different states or you may help resettle through other resettlement networks.

Invite local media to your worship or welcome event to honor the journeys of refugees and immigrants.


ACCOMPANY GLOBALLY Syria_Refugee_Crisis.jpg

Recognize your long-term & strategic impact through Global Ministries partners. 

Use this display at your next congregational or conference meeting (link coming soon).

Use your everyday leverage. Sign-On to advocacy letters as Educators, Business People, Faith Leaders, and/or members of the Medical Community. Receive updates in Refugee Accompaniment E-newsletter.

Strengthen LGBTI Refugee Support such as the CWS Safe Space program.

Engage UCC Refugee Justice Sunday (#UCCRefugeeJustice) as part of the larger community of faith: as the United Church of Christ-Christian Church/Disciples of Christ Ecumenical Partnership, as members of Church World Service and the National Council of Churches (#greateras1), and in full communion with the United Church of Canada (#uccwithrefugees).

For more information or to be added to our distribution list on Refugee Ministries, contact UCC Program Associate for Refugee and Asylum Ministries and Disaster Ministries, Amanda Sheldon, sheldona@ucc.org


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