United Church of Christ

Former UCC President Avery Post presented with medallion marking his leadership

A former President of the United Church of Christ was honored with a special gift from the current General Minister and President, presented in a special gathering of church leaders past and present.

'Wall of Love' latest way for aging church to bring community in

A hundred children crowded around tables at First Congregational United Church of Christ, bagging up stuff to give away. Except for the national TV cameras, it was just another busy summer weekday at the church in downtown Elyria, Ohio – a small city facing rural as well as rust-belt challenges and blessed by multiple gifts.

A refugee mother resettled in Columbus welcomes her children home

A refugee from Uganda has reunited with her four children this summer after a separation of more than five years — thanks to her dogged determination, constant advocacy and continued accompaniment of her church family.

Commentary: Safe for Whom?

The White House’s recent declaration to deny asylum to those who travel through another country before arriving to the U.S. blocks the possibilities and dreams of safety for any immigrant crossing Mexico (and potentially Guatemala).

Disciples, like UCC partners, speak out on immigration, refugees, poverty

Members of the United Church of Christ’s ecumenical partner, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), spoke out on immigration, refugees and poverty at their July assembly.

United Church of Christ on its way to tighter bond with Puerto Rican partner

In a way, the United Church of Christ and its sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico never parted. But there was a pause in their partnership, more than a decade ago. Now that breach is formally on its way toward healing.

Conflict of souls around Hawai'i's sacred mountain

Construction of a telescope on a dormant volcano in Hawai'i is sparking protests, dividing communities and has prompted more than a hundred religious leaders to come together in a statement of solidarity to protect the sacred.

After hurricane's destruction, multicultural church becomes center of hope

In Puerto Rico's long recovery from Hurricane Maria, a congregation serving homeless people, undocumented immigrants, young mothers and elderly folks may soon become a center of outreach to an entire section of the island, with help, in part, from the United Church of Christ.

World Council’s climate strategy includes youth materials co-produced by UCC

For the sake of children, the World Council of Churches wants to redouble its efforts to fight climate breakdown. Empowering young people as activists will be part of that strategy, aided by a $25,000 environmental prize the WCC has won and by educational materials co-developed by the United Church of Christ.

Churches around Maine welcome asylum seekers from Africa in varied ways

United Church of Christ members in aging and overwhelmingly white Maine say there's nothing remarkable in their offers of help to the hundreds of Africans fleeing violence and arriving in their state. Whether it's bedrooms in a parsonage or money raised for legal assistance, it's how they do church, they say.