United Church of Christ

'Evicted' prompts UCC action that keeps Indy families housed

The book "Evicted" and a General Synod speech have inspired United Church of Christ members in Indianapolis to keep two families from losing their home – and to start a fund to do more of the same.

Harm reduction ministries welcome drug users, save lives

People who use drugs may not come to mind immediately when United Church of Christ members think of values like Extravagant Welcome or Love of Neighbor. A growing community of UCC people is working to change that.

After overdose, funeral becomes 'very different offering of the love of God'

When a young man died of an opioid overdose this summer, the harm reduction movement in the United Church of Christ helped his parents cope with their unimaginable grief and share hope with their son's community.

Commentary: Finding Freedom Among Wild Things

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of travelling with UCC National staff colleagues to the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina.

Church bells will ring Sunday to mark 400 years since Africans’ arrival

Churches and others will join the National Park Service in ringing bells at 3 p.m. EDT Sunday, Aug. 25, to mark 400 years since the first recorded arrival of enslaved Africans in English-occupied North America.

Proclaiming sanctuary and support for immigrants unites Alabama faith leaders

A diverse group of religious leaders in Birmingham, Ala., have forged a commitment to sanctuary for their migrant neighbors, proclaimed their stand publicly and are planning a practical response to possible Immigration and Custom Enforcement action.

Even an 1843 building can be accessible, Ohio church shows

The folks at Community Congregational United Church of Christ in Amherst, Ohio, weren't sure their sanctuary, built in 1843, could ever accommodate people with physical disabilities. Now the changes they’ve made to their New England-style building have won a national UCC award.

Tennessee congregation holds weekly witness calling for compassionate response at the border

Members of a Tennessee congregation have made a commitment to their migrant neighbors and each other – to come together in prayer and in a visible witness, every Monday, until something changes in the conditions at the border.

Parsonage turned bed and breakfast invites new people in to North St. Louis neighborhood

Three brothers raised in a UCC parsonage in the North St. Louis area more than 60 years ago spent the night in their former home on Friday, August 16. The house, dedicated this weekend as a bed-and-breakfast, is the latest building on the former St. James UCC campus repurposed by a local non-profit assisting neighborhood youth.

Asylum seekers get help, hope from UCC people in Southern California

By the carload and vanload, United Church of Christ members and friends regularly make one-hour trips from Claremont, Calif., to befriend detainees at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement center in the desert town of Adelanto. Thanks in part to a UCC Neighbors in Need grant, they connect the immigrants with legal counsel, accompaniment to hearings, release bonds, and, just as important, hope.