United Church of Christ

UCC advocates march, get arrested in D.C. voting rights demonstration

A UCC leader was one of the hundreds of people taken into police custody outside the United States Capitol Monday afternoon during a mass mobilization in Washington, D.C., aimed at advancing voting rights reforms. 

Disaster Ministries sends aid to earthquake survivors in Ecuador and Japan

UCC Disaster Ministries is sending grant money through Church World Service and waiting for word from partners on how best to help the survivors in two stricken countries following the catastrophic earthquake that hit coastal Ecuador Saturday evening, April 16, and two other devastating quakes which shook the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, Thursday and Friday, April 14 and 15.

Dorhauer Seattle installation: 'Follow call to change'

Three cities, three churches in 48 hours. Several hundred people from across the United Church of Christ. And a full heart for the denomination's ninth general minister and president. The progressive installation of the Rev. John Dorhauer culminated on Sunday, April 17, with the final worship service at Plymouth Church UCC in downtown Seattle.

Dorhauer Chicago installation: 'God is still calling'

One cannot bless until they have been blessed. The Rev. John C. Dorhauer spoke those words before calling two influential women in his life, his mother Judy and the Rev. Yvonne Delk, to join him on the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.


Dorhauer New York installation: The 'Time is Now' for UCC

It's a new day in the United Church of Christ. That was the recurring theme of the first of three progressive worship services in the installation of the Rev. John Dorhauer as ninth general minister and president at the Riverside Church in New York City Friday evening, April 15.

Justice advocates assemble around faith and democracy at Ecumenical Advocacy Days

In the middle of an election year, dozens of justice advocates from across the United Church of Christ are assembling this weekend at the largest annual ecumenical event in Washington, D.C. For three days, April 15-18, the focus of Ecumenical Advocacy Days is empowerment — providing training and tools to lift up every voice in the democratic process.

Risking arrest in D.C. for democracy

Leaders of the NAACP, AFL-CIO, Greenpeace USA, the United Church of Christ and several other organizations and faith communities are risking arrest Monday, April 18, in our nation's capital in what they have termed a "Congress of Conscience" to draw attention to problems with campaign financing and voting laws. 

Creative ways emerge to witness John Dorhauer installation

As the Rev. John C. Dorhauer is formally installed as the ninth general minister and president of the United Church of Christ in a series of worship services in three cities this weekend, the wider church has the opportunity to be part of the event in-person and online.


UCC leaders high on interfaith relationships and democracy with Egyptian community

The Rev. James Moos, executive minister of UCC Wider Church Ministries, and the Rev. Mike Neuroth, UCC international policy advocate, participated in a historic conversation that sought to bridge cultural gaps between the U.S. and Egypt, and to focus on democracy and stability in the Middle East.

Commentary: My Brother’s Keeper

Then the LORD said to Cain, "Where is Abel your brother?" And he said, "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?" — Genesis 4:9