Preach It!

1 Samuel 3:15-17a “…What did the Lord say to you? Do not hide it…”


As I read this story about the Prophet Samuel once more, I noticed truths I hadn’t before. With its narrative, I felt empowered as I am sure the prophet was also by the call of God in his life.

However, when God bestows a word in your spirit to share or to declare, especially when it is one to reprimand, we then wish it were a cute and easy message. We cannot, in good conscience, hold back to speak correction when we see injustices. Speak what the Spirit of the Lord is giving you. Do what God is moving you to do. Go where God is sending you. No matter how difficult your message or revelation is, if it came from God, it will not fall on the ground, but fulfill its purpose: to speak truth and righteousness. We need not fear what would happen if we spoke what is right when we see wrong happening in front of us.

Don’t stay shut, if you “see something, say something”, like the familiar phrase. Whether it be bullying, abuse, racism, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, violence, or whatever it may be, do what is right as God leads you. Such is true ministry. We are anointed to speak truth to power, not because we are better than anyone, but because we have listened.


Prayer: Precious God, thank you for speaking to me and seeing my willingness to listen to what your Spirit is saying in my soul. Help me share your message of righteousness even when I am apprehensive, afraid, or nervous. Let your words that bring life flow through me. That I may see justice, love, and mercy for all. In the name if Jesus, the Christ, amen.


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