The United Church of Christ is deeply concerned over the widening of active warfare in the Middle East. The exchange of attacks between Israel and Iran is the latest round of violence which the Church condemns. We appeal to all parties for an immediate de-escalation and cease fire across the region and we repeat our call for a release of Israeli hostages and a massive mobilization of aid to address the dire circumstance of the Palestinian people of Gaza.

O God of mercy and love, who taught us the ways of peace, hear our prayers for a world which teeters on a precipice. With the Psalmist, we ask, “Why do the nations so furiously rage together: why do the people imagine a vain thing?” as the hostile words of leaders too easily become military orders that bring death and destruction to the innocent and their communities. Soften the will of those in power who seek advantage over others through war and violence. Open hearts and minds through the power of your Spirit to find another way, your way of peace, justice, and compassion, so that the people of the Middle East and of all communities beset by violence may gain relief from their plight. In the midst of pain, destruction, and death, make a glimmer of hope grow to outshine despair as people of faith and goodwill rally for a lasting peace, aid beyond need, and a just world for all. In your holy name we pray, Amen.

-Rev. Dr. Karen Georgia Thompson, General Minister and President, and Rev. Shari Prestemon, Acting Associate General Minister

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