Pilgrim Press and UCC Resources sites join UCC.org

In a further effort to simplify the process of getting information and obtaining materials, the UCC’s web team and publishing group have consolidated all product ordering through an integrated e-commerce module on the UCC.org website.

Most significantly, this change streamlines the process by which site visitors can find and order materials that were previously housed in separate online stores maintained by the Pilgrim Press and United Church Press.

“We are pleased that our web host can accommodate an e-commerce store this large,” said Timothy Staveteig, publisher of the presses. “This new relationship offers fuller descriptions, more discount options and more personalized service. This change streamlines searches and purchases.”

Staveteig notes that while the new catalog is available for customer use and testing, the former stores will remain active during a brief testing period.

Another innovation of this integration is the concept of “single sign-on.” Site visitors will now have only one account at the ucc.org website – allowing them to access their preferences on UCC.org, order from the online store and access the forthcoming myUCC social networking site.

“One of our goals was to create seamless experiences for those on our website,” said the Rev. J. Bennett Guess, UCC Director of Communications. “People will find the UCC’s new e-commerce module to be a significant step above what we used to offer and the single log-in function will mean you only have to remember one password to access everything that ucc.org has to offer.”

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