Past Antoinette Brown Award Recipients

Through the Antoinette Brown Society, we will work toward the day when innovative women’s leadership is the expectation rather than the exception, and until that day, we will invest in women in ministry, knowing that we may still be pioneers but we are no longer alone. 

Rev. Elizabeth Dilley
1975Reverends Joan Forsberg and Rhoda Jane Dickinson*
1977Reverends Davida Foy Crabtree and Annie Campbell*
1979Dr. Yvonne Delk and Alice Snow*
1981Ansley Coe Throckmorton and Leila Waite Anderson*
1983Bernice Buehler* and Dosia Carlson*
1985Gretchen DeVries* and Beatrice Weaver McConnell*
1987Reverends Marie Fortune and Barbara Warren McCall*
1989Reverends Joyce Myers-Brown and Anne Pearse Smith*
1991Reverends Eleanor Shelton Morrison* and Marilyn Adams Moore*
1993Reverends Laurie Whinnem Etter and Peggy Brainerd Way*
1995Reverends Mary Ann Neevel* and Henrietta Stith-Andrews
1997Reverends Barbara de Souza and Rosemary McCombs Maxey
1999Reverends Marilyn Stavenger* and Jan Griesinger*
2001Reverends María Teresa Unger Palmer and Betty Jane Bailey*
2003Reverends Ruth C. Duck and LaVerne McCain Gill
2005Reverends Ruth M. Brandon and Barbara B. Zikmund
2007Reverends Virginia Kreyer* and Talitha J. Arnold
2009Reverends Candita Bauzá-Mattos and Julie Peeples
2011Reverends Barbara Gerlach, Bernice Powell Jackson and Carole Carlson
2013There were no recipients of this award during a season of transition
2015Reverends Traci Blackmon and Sharon Ellis Davis, with Rev. Martha Spong of RevGalBlogPals receiving a catalyst (organization) award
2017Reverends Day McCallister and Loey Powell
2019Reverends Liddy Barlow, Marti Baumer, and Eileen Norrington, with Rev. Valerie Bridgeman PhD of WomanPreach,Inc! receiving the catalyst (organization) award
2021Bishop Yvette Flunder, Rev. Linda Jaramillo and Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite