OWL Scripture Reflection June 2024: Weave Us Together

By Rev. Amy Johnson
UCC Minster for Sexuality Education & Justice

Living Psalm 139

– Cheryl A. Lindsay for the Antoinette Brown Society 2024

O Divine Weaver, Creator of Tapestries and Garments,
You touch the threads of me. You know each one.
When I am stretched or loosed,
When I get tangled or unraveled,
You trace my pattern and gather me together.

Each stitch bears your craftiness.
Each loop turns me in the direction you have for me.
You move me on the loom.
You hold me in the crochet hook.
You order me with the knitting needles.

It is too much, too precious, too inconceivable.
That you take your time with the meticulous work
Of making me whole, complete, beautiful, complex, unique,
When I start to fall apart, you catch my ends.

When I become undone, you tink and you tink and you tink.
You make me new without destroying the good work started in me.
You keep me close and your hand is upon me continually.
Always crafting, always creating, always shaping.

For it was you who formed my inward parts;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Your work is wonderful.
I am your work.
Made with wonder and awe.
A testament to your skill
A demonstration of your creativity and grace.
I am woven into the pattern of creation
Never in isolation…always in community

All my days like rows upon rows of your stitching
And knitting and tinking and creating.
I am still the work of your hands
I am still with you,
Searched by you.
Known by you.
Loved by you.
Woven by you.

I love this version of Psalm 139 written by my friend and colleague, Rev. Dr. Cheryl Lindsay. At the Antoinette Brown Society gathering, Cheryl explained that to “tink” is to un-knit; that the word “tink” is the word “knit” backwards. She also captures a beautiful truth in her words—“You make me new without destroying the good work started in me.”

There is much that can benefit from being undone right now. Many of us are working diligently to undo policies and practices of white supremacy and patriarchy that permeate our lives, our organizations, our governments and communities. It can be tempting to want to rip everything out and start over.

Especially this month of Pride, I hope we will deeply reflect upon the good work that has already been started in each of us, in our churches, and in our communities, and build on that. When we find something that needs to be redone or updated or recreated, let us be mindful to only undo the places of harm and woundedness, and to take care not to undo work that is healthy and effective and taking root.  

adrienne maree brown reminds us that “small is all.”  Small changes and small interactions can have major impacts through their ripples. Whether it’s learning someone’s pronouns, continuing to try to connect with that person whose words are offensive, taking a course on anti-racism, or getting enough sleep—small actions make a big difference when we keep on going. I invite you to take a breath, slow down, and think where the tinking needs to happen in you, so that you may join with the Author of Life to co-weave a life that is part of the tapestry of God’s kingdom here on earth.