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Our Faith Our Vote Civility Pledge

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Our Faith Our Vote Civility Pledge

I believe our communities, our country and our world are stronger and safer and when we treat each other with respect.  I believe that my voice is important, and I believe that listening to the voices of others is important for a healthy, vibrant democratic process.   I believe that insulting, attacking or demonizing people with whom we disagree is unproductive and unacceptable.  As individuals and as community, we can and should do better.

As a person of faith, I pledge to participate responsibly and faithfully in the electoral process.  I recognize my responsibility for supporting a free, fair and respectful democratic process, and I pledge to do my part.  I commit to honoring my own voice and the voice of others.  I commit to educating myself and others about the issues at stake in these elections.  I commit to expressing myself responsibly, to seek to learn from different perspectives, to always offer respect to others, and to challenge hurtful, disrespectful behavior when I can.


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