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Offering Reminder 2018

Make a tear drop/map pin out of colorful paper (instructions below)

Use it as a prop while reading the short script during announcements, in adult Bible study, Sunday school, or fellowship hour.

Have the instructions available with various paper sizes and colors so people can make their own tear drop/map pins as a tangible reminder of the offering


    Tear_drop_small.jpg  = hold the visual like a tear drop

    white-map-pin.png= hold the visual like a map pin


   Tear_drop_small.jpg   = In West Timor, a father is crying because his child is hungry

    white-map-pin.png=Through the One Great Hour of Sharing offering, You are Here for that 
              father with emergency food supplies and crop storage techniques.

    Tear_drop_small.jpg   = In West Virginia, a family is crying because their home was flooded…

     white-map-pin.png=Through the One Great Hour of Sharing offering, You are Here with  
               that family with support to rebuild their home.


   Tear_drop_small.jpg  = In Greece, a young woman is crying because she is fleeing from war,
              but borders are closed…

    white-map-pin.png= Through the One Great Hour of Sharing offering, You are Here for her 
               with medical and hygienesupplies and advocacy for her future.


   Tear_drop_small.jpg  = In times of human suffering and need,

   white-map-pin.png= You are Here for our neighbors through your gifts to the
               One Great Hour of Sharing offering.


Remind the congregation the date the offering will be received. Tell them they can give during the regular offering by using the special envelopes, or they can write the name of the offering in the memo line of their check. Coin boxes should also be collected on the designated offering day.

Downloadable/Print Version


How to make a teardrop/map pin:

Fold a sheet of paper in half. Cut on an angle from the folder corner to the top, making the sides thin with a rounded top. Color and use as the prop. You may want to color one side in an exciting color, with the other side a single color.

Have fun with it. If you would like to share how this goes in your setting, take pictures and email your story to oghs@ucc.org.


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