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On March 19, 2017, the Congregational United Church of Christ, Clare, Michigan, was presented with the award for being the top financial supporter to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering based on 2015 per capita giving.      One Great Hour of Sharing was presented with this wonderful song written by the Rev. Dr. Adam Brooks Webber. The song has been made available for the promotion of the offering. 

Rev. Dr. Webber has made the music available. He and the entire Congregational UCC of Clare are truly a gift and a blessing to the denomination.

Learn more about Rev. Webber at: http://adambrookswebber.com/



Sheet Music for One Great Hour of Sharing Song,
Written 2017 by Rev. Dr. Adam Brooks Webber

Other One Great Hour of Sharing Songs
Caring is Sharing *Long Version - Audio
Caring is Sharing *Short Version - Audio Caring Is Sharing (mp3)
(if you wish to download the song, right click and choose "Save as".)
Caring is Sharing Lyrics

Caring is Sharing Music

Let it Live (A Song for Giving) - Click on Video Below, Song available for download:


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